Monday, May 12, 2014

Sunny With A Chance of Mother's Day

Subtitle: How I Spent my First Mother's Day Weekend

Sometimes you spend your first Mother's Day eve working your job on your day off, come home take care of your sick feverish husband and your extra cranky three month old, cry twice, do 6 sinkfuls of dishes, dry and put away all the dishes, clean the bathroom, take out two bags of trash and two arm loads of recycling, then realize you've stayed up until 4am, and the entire time you were breast feeding about every 2 hours. Good times.

I've come to realize any holiday or event that revolves around me is pretty much always a bust. I have horrible luck with birthday celebrations (friends find it easy to ditch, forget, or be too busy), this last bday was great as I had my baby shower but Joe was in a foul mood and kinda wrecked everything but the shower so thank goodness for the ladies who have me a great few hours that day-they're the best. Seriously though, parties or celebrations for me tend to go to crap quite fast and Joe admittedly sucks at remembering dates and never does presents or makes any kind of to-do about those events which usually I don't care (minus bdays, they're a big deal damn it!) but I had hopes, okay expectations, that this very first Mother's Day (the only first one I get) would be amazingly wonderful. It would consist of me sleeping in until 9am before having to be my child's dairy service, receiving breakfast in bed (French toast and vegan breakfast sausages please with o.j. and tea), staying in my pjs, getting a lovely card with a note from Joe about how happy he is I'm the mother of his child, a little trinket with Finny's initial or birth date on it, flowers, a call to my mom to wish her a great day, a call to my grandma to do the same, some mom movies that would make me tear up, a nice dinner with a dessert, then snuggles and sleep. Instead I have a super sick husband which means I get nothing for my first mom's day and there will be no make me feel special stuff as he needs to rest and get better, it also means that the week's worth of dishes and laundry are on me and need to be done tomorrow as it became my only day off since I worked Monday through Saturday this week, plus caring for the boy-o and the two pups and taking care of Joe. Huzzah what a wondrous day. Can I have a do over?

My actual Mother's Day day was me waking up 8am, feeding little boy-o and then spending the rest of the day doing laundry, taking care of baby & husband, walking the dogs, folding laundry & putting it away, and then being in major hip/back pain from lifting all that laundry all over our apartment complex and doing 6 sinks of dishes. My body is so jacked up. I did receive beautiful pink tulips from my folks though and got some lovely messages from friends & family. But still first mama's day was a BUST.

I guess I must be a real mama now because this day that was supposed to be about celebrating me pushing a two foot and twelve pound baby out but it became about me mom-ing the crap out of everyone in my household. It's for realz now suckers. *sigh* I guess I did learn the true meaning of mother's day this year, last year I was pregnant (only just) and it wasn't really real to me; this year I spent the weekend doing things that moms do-taking care of everything. I get it now. Being a mom isn't always glamorous, okay 99% of the time it's not but it is so worth it and rewarding. These 4 dudes all rely on me and love me. That's pretty awesome if you think about it. I am hurting though physically, oof. Need to work this broken body back into pre-pregnancy and pre-surgery shape. Time to call a physical therapist and hit the pool at my gym ASAP.

All I know is Joe better not expect much for Father's Day. Oh who am I kidding, I'll Leslie Knope the shit out of that day because that's the kind of wife and mom I am. Dammit. There's always next year right?

I won't hold my breath. Whining over now. Happy Mother's Day fellow moms, we fecking deserve it.


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