Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Sunny With a Chance of Recycled

One of the most Good for the World items to feature here on GFTW Wednesdays is recycling. But seriously recycle EVERYTHING! Bottles, electronics, clothes, tires, paper, wire, string, EVERYTHING! There is a way to recycle nearly everything you use & you should! Save this planet by not contributing to more landfills.

Let me tell you how crazy weird recycle lady I am... I buy recycled toilet paper, paper towels (if we are even going to buy them at all that is), recycled clothes, etc. So many of my "new" purchases are really just recycled items. And I recycle pretty much everything I use (again-bottles, clothes, Styrofoam [it's a hazardous material so be sure to look up where to drop in your area], electronics, boxes, bags, rubber, plastic, etc.). Every little thing you use can probably be cleaned and put into the recycling bin (or COMPOSTED!)-so why aren't you doing it?

Here are the top reasons I hear from people:

1)there is no recycling system in my building/office/neighborhood, etc.
*My answer: So Start One! Seriously, if you are serious about saving the planet then start it up yourself, jump on the good old interweb and research where the nearest recycling plants are to you, nearest drop off zones, how to set up your space as a pick up are, the rules for recycling in your city/neighborhood/state. Just do it. $5 says the people around you will be impressed and jump on board. Pl;us how great will you feel encouraging others to save the planet a little too!

2)the rules are too annoying, I don't have time to wash everything, leave off bottle tops, etc.
*My answer: does that extra few seconds to a minute really keep you from recycling? People let's stop being so gosh darn lazy, especially when it comes to saving this planet for future generations. If you find you don't have enough time in your day to take a minute to wash out a used can of soup/soda/beans then maybe shave that minute off of watching t.v. or from your shower routine or from even (gasp) playing on the internet. I said it, even I am guilty of this. You have time-just make it a priority.

These "reasons" are just excuses (excuses I've used too-so no judgement.) I am just trying to point out that we can move past those and do something that is actually quite easy. I've turned our home into a green recycling machine & I am starting to convert my office space as well. I now have a bin for us, we only use recycled paper for all our copying (and t.p. uses). It makes me feel great to know I am making a difference and my bosses are slowly starting to remember to use the recycling bin instead of the trash too. It's always great to see them stop themselves from throwing something in the trash that can be recycled into new!

So go out there and recycle EVERYTHING! And enjoy it chickens! :D

TCM Tuesdays With a Chance of 80s Goodness!

Oh friends Netflix has delivered me The Last Unicorn, a little film I have not seen since I was a wee child. I am so excited! This is going to be a before and after review:

So onto it-Before: Here is what I am expected-MAGIC! It's about a little unicorn (voiced by Mia Farrow) who believes she is the last og her kind. She goes on a search to find others whilst avoiding the evil red bull & meeting up with a Prince (Jeff Bridges) and a magician (Alan Arkin). I am STOKED, how could I not be?

And After...

LOVED IT! Still. It's just so darn sad. And I love the animation. Just made me feel like a little girl again. You want her to find all the other unicorns and still get to be with Prince Lir. Oh and Molly Grou and Schmendrick-such delights. My heart just breaks for the last unicorn! *sigh*

What old school animated features/tv shows are you missing as of late? Have you tried to Netflix them yet? I'm still waiting for Jem & Rainbow Brite! :D

Hot With a Chance of Hot!

Colonel Mustard here!

It has been too warm here in LA-summer has kicked in full force. I am panting up a storm & mama has been sun-burned twice even though she put on her sun-screens! She keeps telling everyone she's a day-glo ginger vampire-I don't know what that means though...

We spent some time by the pool again this past weekend & my favorite neighbors from MSU came over-DH & KH!!! YAY!

Well hope you find a way to stay cool & have fun. I am off this weekend to see my pals Big Carl, Baily, & Mesa in Vegas. I hope we have the best time!

-Colonel Mustard