Sunday, November 3, 2013

Mostly Sunny With A Chance of Exhaustion

Hello Dear Chickens! Sorry for the extended time off, my life is crazy. Let's catch up, shall we?

1) Joe and I had our One Year Anniversary of being married on 10/11. We had our One Year Anniversary BBQ on 10/12 and our Popriviny (traditional Polish brunch hosted by the mother & father of the bride) on 10/13. All took place back in MI and it was lovely. It was a crazy week for us as Joe, my mom, and I cooked all the food for both the BBQ & Popriviny. We made oodles of food all week and gussied up the favors (apple butter from a local MI Orchard) with cute tags, made some decorations, made signs, got together activities for the kiddos, and loads of other prep stuff. Our friends and my family helped us do it all and we are so grateful to all of them. They were miracles. We had a blast of a time! Here are a few preview pics of the weekend:

 It was the best time!

2) We came back to L.A. and both Joe & I hit the ground running. I am now working 3 jobs, going to conservatory class at Second City Hollywood, interning at Second City Hollywood, taking childbirth classes, prepping for baby in our tiny apartment, mentoring kids in a writing program, and trying to fit in Pilates and swimming (not doing so hot on that right now). Joe is finishing his thesis for his PhD, teaching, and has taken up 2 (so far) tutoring jobs for high school kids in math and science. Needless to say we're both exhausted. All the time.

3) I failed my first glucose test and now have to do the lame 3 hour one which is a pain in the ass because they're making me take a morning off which with my schedule is nearly impossible. Blerg.

4) I tried to laminate our ultrasounds to preserve them for eternity and instead I melted the first 2 pictures we had of our son in the womb. I then proceeded to have a full pregnant melt-down in Kinko's. Those poor people didn't even know what hit them.

5) This has been a shit week, for the aforementioned Kinko's debacle, rough days at work, general exhaustion/crankiness, majorly swollen ankles & feet, and my iPhone decide to delete everything on itself today (apps, pictures, video of my show today, all my contacts, etc.). To replace it through the insurance I pay monthly for it would cost me $199.99, to just upgrade my phone to an iPhone 5S costs $199.99. This is a g.d. scam from Verizon and Apple I swear. Bunch of crap!

6) I am practicing the Month of Gratitude again. Today made it tough but here are my first 3 entries:

     -A day late but my day one in my month of gratitude is that I'm grateful for Joe. He has helped me through a tough week, a really tough year, and is my best friend. Can't wait to see him be a dad to our little dude soon and continue to be the best puppy dad there is. Thankful for him every damn day.

   -Day 2 in my Month of Gratitude: I am thankful that my Spartans beat the crap out of the Wolverwieners! Go Green! Go White! :D

   -Day 3 in my Month of Gratitude: I am thankful for Daylight Savings so I could sleep an extra hour, my Prepared Childbirth class for the laughs, and for everyone coming to my class' first preview today at 6pm at the Second City Hollywood. Please come support us! :)

So that's it for now. Oh baby is the size of an acorn squash and is 29 weeks or 7 months or third trimester-AHHH! It's happening so fast! Cannot wait to meet our little dude. He's going to be amazing!