Tuesday, November 10, 2009

"They steal my life, they steal my beauty pageant!"

So basically nothing too new to report.

SUPER broke.
Cutting down on physical therapy since I can't afford it.
Hanging out with good friends (Kari, JOHN!, Jenn, etc.).
Planning on writing my genius movie script based on a horrible experience I recently had. John is going to help me so it will be really funny!
Working. Trying to make money because, again, I'm SUPER broke.
Watching movies.
Did an arty nude phtoshoot.
Rocking a new hairstyle.
Playing with Kari's two pit bulls.
Listening to some rocking music.

Same old same old.

Birthday party is happening on Thursday December 3rd to celebrate my big 2-5! Quarter of a century baby, get ready for some delicious Prohibition style good times. Should be a blast. Getting excited for that.

Been feeling pretty good since I got over that sickness I had last week. Hope everyone is feeling the same. :D Much love!