Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Concrete jungle where dreams are made of, there's nothing you can't do"

So this day is just strange...

First because I missed work yesterday feeling sick so I'm in the office on a Thursday which just feels weird. And then I have to go to my other job tonight. And I do the same thing tomorrow. Weird.

Secondly, Harold Zinn and JD Salinger died yesterday. And before that Zelda Rubinstein, James Mitchell, and Jean Simmons. These are actors and authors that I grew up with. It just feels strange to know they're gone. Like when Patrick Swayze died. Like something is missing. My boyfriend just made fun of me about this actually...I cry every year at the In Memoriums for the SAG Awards and Oscars. I can't help it. Usually there are one or two, recently more, actors who have changed my life. Who have made me feel more than most people in "real life". Maybe that's because I am an actor. Maybe it's because I'm still an 8 year old child who thinks movies are magic. Who really puts themselves into those places when they watch film. Or reads a book. Which I do constantly. I have probably spent more hours reading and watching film than anything else. And it just pains me to lose these people who have transported me outside my little bubble of world. Somewhere bigger, somewhere different, somewhere nicer, harder, scarier, sweeter, somewhere else. It just saddens me deeply. And as I gorw older I've begun to appreciate Harold Zinn so much. Salinger means so many different things now to me than when I was younger. And these actors. As I gorw and try to develop my craft these people have been inspirations, in different ways. Related to talent, persistance, business savvy, any and every thing involved in this craft that you don't necessarily "see". It just feels weird to be without them today.

Just a weird day.

I am, however, having a lovely little lunch that my bf packed for me. Turkey meatloaf sandwich, cut up gala apples, terra chips, and a Divine Grape Kombucha Tea. Very organic and tasty. Mmm. And I feel better today which is nice. I hate feeling icky, I just feel useless and that my ever-long to-do list is just sitting there angrily waiting to be completed. That could just be the work-a-holic in me though. :)

Hope you are all having a lovely day, even if it is a bit weird...