Wednesday, July 7, 2010

"Remember finder's keepers, losers weepers..."

Classic movies breathe new life into my soul! The beautiful costumes, the amazing talent, the gorgeous cinematography, snappy dance numbers, catchy musical numbers, breath-taking costumes, flawless hairstyles and make-up. OH HOW I LOVE CLASSIC FILMS!

The particular one I'm watching/enjoying currently is "Summer Stock" starring Gene Kelly and Judy Garland. It was a movie he did with her to give her career a little pluck when it was in a down-turn. Just fun little dance and song numbers. Gene is flawless of course. Just reminds me why I wanted to be apart of this business and the actors that inspire me. Perks me up a little in my soul.

On the acting front I have an audition tomorrow for the role of Titania in Billy Shakes 'Midsummer'. Wish me broken legs-I'll keep you posted :)