Thursday, August 25, 2011

Sunny With A Chance of Is It Fall Yet?!

Hello Theatre Thursday! How the heck are ya?

So let me tell you about that shoot I was apart of that earned me my SAG-E status! I just love saying/typing that. I am SAG-E!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Back to business. The shoot was oodles of fun and sleepless nights. I got to work with 3 guys whom I adore. I met them in a play that was not so great but they were amazeballs. And this project is a delight. Keeping Up With the Downs is a story about 3 brothers all in some sort of turmoil. These 3 actors are fantastic and it was joy sharing a set with them. There were SO many hilarious moments (scene at a Spoken word with lines like "My last pair of shoes was less than $15, they lasted 2 years. Now I'm no mathematician but that is less than $15 a year" and "Gandalf. I don't hate Gandalf.") and some really long nights-NO SLEEP! But it was all so worth it!

I met some really great people too! Some new Second City friends-hopefully I'll be taking classes with you soon, some out of town friends (VIVS!), some in town friends, some pretty big deal friends (Friends being the key word), and some behind the scene friends. It was just a blast to work with such a great cast and crew!

And the wrap party? Awesomesauce. Check it out yourself, we all went to Brass Monkey Karaoke Bar and the fun lasted for hours!