Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Sunny With A Chance of ANother Letter

To My Son,

Oh my gosh, you're almost here! We're at 39 weeks and 2 days which means you literally can come any moment now. You're Dada and I are so excited to meet you buddy! I just wanted to say some things before you get here to remember these last fleeting moments with you so close to my heart.

First, I love you so much Lil' Dude. I cannot stress that enough. I am so excited to hold you in my arms but I know I will miss our time with you in my belly. You're so close and I can rub and pat and talk to you all the time. You must know how much I love you bud, I say it all the time. Plus in there you're getting to hear my heart so I know you know how it beats for you. Goodness sakes this household loves you. Mama, Dada, Colonel Mustard & Zebbie too. These 3 guys have been snuggling you and Mama extra hard, they can't wait to meet you either! Just know you are going to be surrounded with so much love.

Second, your extended family cannot wait to meet you either! Papa/Djadja & Gamma/Buscia are coming out in February just to meet you little man.  We're going to let you pick what you call them but just know they're so excited to meet you and love you so much already. The rest of the family (on both sides) can't wait until Spring when we bring you back to Michigan to introduce you to everyone. Get ready to be smothered in snuggles and kisses little one!

Third all your honorary "aunts" and "uncles" or Mama & Dada's pals also cannot wait to meet you! Everyone is busting at the seams to know when you're going to arrive. Not just here in L.A. but in Chicago, Michigan, and New York too. You're going to be welcomed into this world with so much love little one. You are already so loved and anticipated, I know you can feel that.

We just want you to arrive when you're ready, come out healthy and strong, and to be ready to be loved on by so many folks. You're a lucky little man to be so wanted and loved already pal. We're prepping extra hard to make sure everything is nice and clean and cozy for your home-coming and we've taken all the classes, prepped our hospital bags, set-up & cleaned all the stuff we have for you, are constantly cleaning the apartment, are set up our cloth diaper service to properly guard your little tush and kielbasa from wet & dirty stuffs, and are preparing meals to freeze so we can not have the bother of needing to cook a bunch once you get here. We're just so excited buddy! All this prep just keeps reminding us that you will arrive any day now!

We're trying extra hard to get your puppy brothers ready to meet you. They're extra snuggly right now and we expect a little jealousy to happen but we know they will love you so much. I think Colonel is going to think you're his baby and though Zebbie can be tentative with some kiddos I think he will take to you like he did to your cousin Staszie. They already love all your swag and will want to play with you (and all your toys) tons. We're going to have such a fun time with all three of you, I just know it.

Buddy, I just want to remind you of our agreements and to promise to you again all of these things. I want you to know that I love you first and foremost and that I will try my damnedest to provide you with all the love and guidance you need. You just get ready little guy, this is going to be pretty epic. And even when you hate me, you just remember that I love you. That I have loved you this whole time and will always love you. You just remember that I suffered through 24/7 punches and kicks from you ya big giant because I love you. No matter what you are perfect to me. Dad and I love you SO much. Just finish baking in there and come out soon. So many of us want to meet you and love you!

 I love you Lil' Dude, with all my heart.