Wednesday, May 12, 2010

"It's okay to trip, but don't fall..."

"'s okay to fall, but don't hurt yourself.
It's okay to hurt yourself but don't hurt nobody else,
it's okay to hurt somebody else...just say you're sorry, oh my darling, please forgive me." ~as sung by Leslie and the Badgers

Love that song. And band.

Well my friends I have been trying to slough off the angry and hurt about this work situation. All I am going to say is I'm look for little things to inspire me and get me creatively working and am talking with a counselor about it all. Hopefully all will be well emotion wise for me...soon. Very soon.

I've been hanging out with old college friends recently and it just feels like coming home. Getting me back to a home base. I love it. They just breed such happy lovely feelings. Love those gals and guys. So much! Makes me miss other good folks from my MSU days. Need some more of that in my life! Miss your faces all! xoxox

I am still holding on to some sick-ness. My lymph-nodes are crazy swollen and sore. Maybe I should give in and see a doctor. Oy I hate going to the doctor. Mostly due to how freaking expensive it is to do so here in LA.

I am obsessed with the HBO show Treme. It feeds my musical soul. I love me some blues and jazz and New Orleans! Such amazing writing on that show. And fantastic actors.

I am obsessed with Betty White. I love her. I know it's hip right now but I always have loved her (since she was Rose Nyland baby) and I love that she is getting some major attention lately. You go Betty!

I am so super sad that The Bonnie Hunt Show is almost over. I love her. She is just so Midwest and real person and kind. I had such a good time at her taping and her shows are always so fun and funny and sweet and about spreading good in the world. I'll miss that show!

I'm flirting with the idea of going vegan for a bit. I'm looking in to it at least. And for someone who can drink a gallon of milk on her own in just a few short hours that is crazy to me. I just want to give it a go and see what all the hype is about. And see what all my friends mean when they say they just feel better and lighter after they made the switch.

I want to rescue a dog NOW. Like right this minute. Joe is digging his heels a little since we are SO tight on money right now. But my soul just needs this and it is screaming it needs to do this now. So I think I might be just coming home with a rescue soon whether Joe likes it or not...we'll see how that works out for me.

We are house hunting, well hunting for a house to rent at least, with Kari and her pups and DH. I am SO excited. SO super excited about this. First because it means puppy time all the time, second because it means more space, and third because it will most likely mean less rent and bills. Win win for sure! :D

That's all for now on my ramblings. Here are some lil inspirations from this past week. Enjoy!

Mimi at "work" on FB and a man walking his parrots...

His Holiness in a bathroom, flowers around the block, and a lizard at work...

I spy a blue bug, biker buds, and flowery trees by a tunnel!

Also houses in Santa Monica, blue car, and painted buildings...