Thursday, February 12, 2009

Three Years and Lucent Dossier

So I am obsessed with this vaudevillian circus called Lucent Dossier Vaudevillian Cirque that appears at The Edison Downtown here in LA. I love the bar first off because it's the old Edison Light Company's building that they've left lots of machinery in and then added bars to it. They created chandeliers with old lightbulbs and tried to make them authentic to the 20s-30s and they are beautiful. It's just so old dark Hollywood amazing. Then on top of that Lucent Dossier performs there every Wednesday night and has the most amazing shows. They do performances throughout the eve and also have little "stands" throughout the bar. For example, the first time I went back in January there was a foot wash/rub station, an airbrush paint station, a boarding station where you got a ticket for the life path you were or are going on, it was all just really cool. This time there was the foot wash/rub station and a Dream Hatchery where you write your dreams for the birds to hatch for you and they give you little gifts to teach you lessons about your dreams. It was just so much fun, I really love going.

Also, it was Joe and my 3 year anniversary yesterday and we went to Mozza Pizzaria which was soooooo amazing. It's Mario Batali's restaurant out here and we had the best food. A tricolore salad with parmesan and pecorino with an anchovy paste dressing; a pizza with goat cheese, bacon, arugula, shallots, and garlic; a pizza with spicy pepperoni, chile peppers, and cheese; a butterscotch custard with cured salt, rosemary cookies, and whipped cream; and a lemon gelatto pie with a graham crust and candied lemon peel and whipped cream. We also had the very best wine a light pinot nero, SO delicious. We had the very best time. It was just what we needed to celebrate. :D

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


I'm attempting to lose weight and took a cue from a few friends who have weight loss tickers here and on LJ. So here is mine:

Saturday, February 7, 2009

"let's gossip to get our heart rates up..."

Is it wrong to heart Sex & the City so much still, even on re-runs?


it has been a most stressful month and a half or so. So much has been going on. Let's see-my brother is having a baby, my other brother wont speak to my mother, my sister wont speak to me, my boyfriend is depressed about exams for his PhD, my jaw and back are still in constant and ever-switching pain, my aunt and uncle are still so banged up from their car crash, my cousin is stressed for her pregnancy...It's been NUTS! Luckily I have found a second job and there has been minimum drama with that, a little, but pretty minimum. I would just love some fricking time to myself, a little vacation would be much appreciated. And some money in my savings account would be nice since I need to fly home in August for a wedding, September for my niece/nephew's birth, November to be in a wedding, December for Christmas-ish time.


Hope all is well in your worlds.
Take care.

Friday, February 6, 2009

So I've started this blog because LJ might be going under. If I can figure out how I am going to transfer all my LJs over here so don't lose all those. Also my friends keep sending their blog stuff to me and I needed this to see theirs. Enjoy...