Monday, August 22, 2011

An Explanation & a puppy...

So let me explain my week and half long absence...

My back went out. Bad. It hurt a lot and I couldn't move and even though I got muscle relaxers those don't help since it's the discs. So basically I took off time from everything but doctor's visits, acupuncture for pain, laying in bed watching tons of movies, making it through as much work as possible before the pain took over, and sleeping. Joe basically helped me in and outta bed, put on clothes, eat, get to and from said appointments & work, basically everything but breathe.

It was rough, I was mad, I was sad, I was hopeful things would get better. Now things are feeling better and I am back on here. I don't want to get all sad and weepy about it, just know it sucked, it still sucks-just not as bad. I will keep on keeping on! So onto more fun things:


Here is what my buddy has been up to these past weeks:

See how he had fun with Dad-a & cuddled with Mama to make her feel better?! Love my little guy!

Hope you've been well and full of love chickens! Xs & Os!