Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sprinkles & Glitter

ARGH! My back is killing me. It was my first day outta bed after my second round of epidural injections this past Thursday. It was a rough one. Sitting at work hurt, going to Improv class hurt, sitting in the car hurt, laying down now hurts. Blerg. I am over this. Again. Broken record I know. Just a rough day pain wise.

In other news this baby came in my email today:
It's almost perfect, couple things to tweak but man am I excited! The large stone is the heart shaped diamond & the 3 stones in the crown are little blue sapphires. I think it will be gorgeous after the tiny revisions. The day is approaching! Here is our little Knot website, I have a photographer lined up, we are still working on getting the ceremony at the Beverly Hills courthouse (closer to our home), and we're looking into getting a mini-cake to act as "wedding cake". Vegan of course. I might just figure out how to make my own vegan funfetti cake-mmm! Sprinkles make everything better, like glitter! To prove it here is Joe & I making Vegan Cake Batter Ice Cream:

It was super easy and required pretty much no effort. We followed this recipe and it hit the spot on these 100+ degree days in L.A.

I also saw Ms. Fiona Apple in concert and it was AMAZING! I took my MOH Heather as a present for being an awesome friend and MOH & helping me with all this shotgun wedding craziness. Here are a few pics from that:

It was a hard day for both of us and it ended amazingly with Fiona singing our souls to happy. Heather hadn't really listened to her music before but fell in love with it so that made me really happy. I was glad to do something nice for her, she deserves it! And I love me some Ms. Apple! :)

Oh and I got these babies in the mail-they're my wedding shoes! EXCITING. I tried to break them in sitting at the concert but when we walked up the canyon to Heather's car I tore the crap outta my heels so I've had to take a pause on breaking them in. But they're so glittery & cute so I love them. Glitter & sprinkles does make everything better!

That's all for now. I can't fall asleep and my back is on fire so that means it's time to go back to watching Dawson's Creek on Netflix. My youth reclaimed! So much Savage Garden music, it is making me laugh and get nostalgic all at the same time. Delightful!


Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Deleted but Re-blogged Just for Yous Guys!

 Let's start with the fact that I already posted and managed to delete it because I suck. I really don't like this new look of blogger, grrr! Maybe it's time for me to get web savvy and just start my own web page for this blog. Oh and my new one. I have a new blog. It's to help me frame out my idea for my series of movies or books or tv episodes that are all about my adventures in surviving being a bridesmaid. The good, bad, and the super ugly side of it all. I have seen it people, all of it. Weddings are scary sometimes.

Speaking of-my shotgun wedding is in full swing baby! Less than one month away-AHHHHHH!!!! So weird. It's feeling real now though because Joey and I are getting rings! Let me explain why this is a HUGE deal for us: we couldn't afford to even get me an engagement ring back in December, nor should we probably be getting these with my impending surgery coming up, but damn it-this gal wants him to put a ring on it! We are getting me a custom designed Claddagh wedding ring from Brilliant Earth, there will be a heart shaped diamond in the center as the heart (representing love) of the ring, a platinum band for the hands (representing friendship), and 3 blue sapphires in the platinum crown (representing loyalty), doesn't it sound like the bee's knees?! Joey wants this band for his ring. He's all nervous it will feel weird and that he'll fiddle with it a lot, which I think is adorable. We've booked the restaurant for our dinner after, I'm working on the photographers, we'll have the aforementioned rings, I have my dress, shoes, veil, Joe needs a suit still, we have the bouquet and boutonniere being shipped (hint it's not made of flowers!), and my folks are booking their flight to LA. It's shaping up pretty well here. And even though this is just our "paper work so I can have surgery" wedding and even though we're having the big to-do (complete with wedding gown, real vows exchanged, and a big rowdy brawl of a party), this feels real now. This feels like I'm about to marry the most amazing person. I am flipping excited people!

I am not excited though about how much all of this and my back bills are rapidly depleting my already very low bank account. I mean I live pay check to pay check here so this is putting a cramp on the $300 I had saved and the extra $500 limit bump I begged for on my Visa (Oh yeah my limit is now $3500!). Times are tough! It's all worth it though if this time next year I can dance around at my big to-do and really enjoy myself! :D

I just really want to be healthy NOW, not in a couple months but right flipping NOW. Can the surgery just be done and I be recovered already? I want to be able to walk normally (aka fast-I have long legs I want to use them), I want to be able to start swimming again, I want to work out and not have pain and really lose all the weight I was shooting for, I want to be able to lift a bag over 2 pounds and not need help. These are pretty basic things and I don't want to wait anymore. It's been seven years, I am ready now! This is where my impatience is really starting to make this impossible for me to chill out. I am trying to be patient, I really am but my brain keeps screaming now, Now, NOW. Don't get me wrong, I am scared as hell about this surgery. I will be sliced open from above my belly button in a diagonal to just above where my uterus is. My intestines have to be moved, major vascular things need to be moved, my discs have to be sliced out on 3 levels, 2 metal artificial discs need to be slipped in and the third area needs to be fused together with metal. Believe me I am scared; I still want it all done now. I want to skip through these next few to six moths to healthy and start living it up. I want to think about anything other than all this back crap. Blerg.

I know I am running on, just so much! Good and stressful. Oh and sad-I finished Buffy and almost done with Angel on Netflix. Now what?! What do I watch now? I am almost done with Cheers and Jem & the Holograms as well. I still have She-ra but what else?! I need suggestions. I have no cable so it's all Netflix & Hulu Plus & Project Free TV for me so what should I be watching whilst I am stuck in bed? HELP, I'm a TV addict and I need more TV! Haha. Or some great films would work too. I do love great films, especially Classic Film! So good.

And of course I am currently babysitting a film crew at one of my restaurant locations. And as an actor who has done extra work I just want to scream at these actors-SHUT UP. Stop arguing with your AD and me and please do what you're supposed to do; e.g. your job! be courteous, be quiet, be out of the way, go where directed, don't argue with your AD or site manager (ME), just do your job! PLEASE! I don't think it's that ridiculous to ask that. Apparently to some of these people we are asking the world. Get some priorities people, you get to play on a movie set all day watching some pretty famous folks do hilarious work on a funny movie set. Please be kind, courteous, and professional-NOT HARD. UGH, people can really frustrate the hell outta me.

Okay chickens, that it. Oh and about how I started another blog, it's not really for anything other than helping me to chronicle my adventures & misadventures in bridesmaiding and how I survived. I really want to turn them into a series of movies &/or books so I'm using that space to help me out with all that. If you want to help me out and ready it and leave comments it would be greatly appreciated-I will send you the address if you email me (alex.sedrowski@gmail.com). YAY for writing. Plus it's supposed to be silly and funny but also a real how to on surviving some major b.s. that can be weddings. I'm super excited about it actually. I kinda hope it gets a lot of positive response because I think my idea on this would be AMAZING for movies &/or books. I think we need more funny women in the box office and on the bookshelves, I just hope I'm one of them and that I'm right about this idea. :)

Okay, that's a wrap for me for now! Peace out my chick-a-dees!


Thursday, September 6, 2012

"That spell has her good & loopy..."

What a busy week! Joe & I got our marriage license and booked an appointment at the courthouse, I've called a million hotels to get resos for out of town guests, I've looked up flights on priceline, I bought a bouquet & boutineer from Etsy, I have a friend knitting me a gorgeous bolero, I have amazing friends and family showing up to support us, and I have an amazing guy who makes me smile even though I am being crazy with calling a million hotels, people, courthouses and facebooking like crazy and blogging about this.

 I'm excited!

Also, it's making surgery seem more real almost. I am ordering a living will document offline, is that weird? It feels weird but also smart and also scary and also weird. I have another epidural appointment booked for next Thursday, hopefully this one goes better-in the meantime I'm on Tylenol with kodeine and ibuprofen and for super bad days norco. Oh little pills to numb the pain. Better back day today.

I have Fiona Apple tickets at The Greek & I am stoked! Also I see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in December-HUZZAH!

 Okay, I'm exhausted and the meds have kicked in so I'm a bit loopy, good night! :)


Saturday, September 1, 2012


Last entry was a bit heavy right? Sorry, yo. Also, new blogger format sucks. I had paragraphs and it deleted them. ANNOYING. I cut my hair. I like it. See not so heavy this time. Joe and I are excited to get married. Of course still freaked out about a lot but also, we're getting married. I'm going to buy a bird cage veil and I have a cute ivory ballerina skirted dress to wear. And Joey is gonna figure out something. And SO many amazing friends are packing that courthouse full of themselves and their love for us. That makes me excited. And it makes me so happy to have Joey marry me. To have this train moving to healthy ville. And just in case so that he has rights to me. I want to know that he can make decisions if I can't. I can't stop watching Buffy & Angel on Netflix. I am at the cheesy points in season 6 & 3 respectively. SUPER CHEESY. My puppy Zeb wont stop digging through my freshly cut hair and licking it, apparently the product in it smells good. He is a doodle.

So that's pretty much it right now. A day without too many big scary thoughts. Good day in my book. :)