Saturday, September 1, 2012


Last entry was a bit heavy right? Sorry, yo. Also, new blogger format sucks. I had paragraphs and it deleted them. ANNOYING. I cut my hair. I like it. See not so heavy this time. Joe and I are excited to get married. Of course still freaked out about a lot but also, we're getting married. I'm going to buy a bird cage veil and I have a cute ivory ballerina skirted dress to wear. And Joey is gonna figure out something. And SO many amazing friends are packing that courthouse full of themselves and their love for us. That makes me excited. And it makes me so happy to have Joey marry me. To have this train moving to healthy ville. And just in case so that he has rights to me. I want to know that he can make decisions if I can't. I can't stop watching Buffy & Angel on Netflix. I am at the cheesy points in season 6 & 3 respectively. SUPER CHEESY. My puppy Zeb wont stop digging through my freshly cut hair and licking it, apparently the product in it smells good. He is a doodle.

So that's pretty much it right now. A day without too many big scary thoughts. Good day in my book. :)


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