Thursday, July 28, 2011

Sunny (again) With a Chance of SAG Vouchers!!!!

Friends I am so excited that this Theatre Thursday gets to be about great news for my acting career!

I have some pals that I worked with on a show here in LA about a year and a half ago. They wrote & produced & starred in this amazing web series Keeping Up With the Downs. Well now I get to work with them on set & earn some SAG vouchers! HOORAY!

So basically to join SAG (or the Screen Actors Guild) you need to earn 3 vouchers (or Taft-Hartley) before you can join SAG. And this project will be putting me one step closer to that (then I'll just have to pay my initiation fee). The scoop on why this is AWESOME is that SAG actors get paid more (it's now a union job when you work) and are eligible for a lot more jobs than non-union actors. You can then also join ANY other acting union-so my AEA eligible can become AEA, I can join AFTRA, etc. which again means more job opportunities that pay more. Plus I guarantee that every single one of your "favorite actors" are part of one of the professional acting unions out there.

This is so very exciting my friends & I could not be happier as I feel like I am getting just that teensy bit closer to doing what I love as my job. One day soon I am hoping to say to the world (and on my taxes) that all I do professionally is ACT!! :)

Hope your Thursday is going just amazingly chickens!!! :D