Sunday, September 20, 2009

"Beauty soap doesn't bubble!"

You know what? I think Clark Gable is the best medecine for a shitty weekend.

All I have to do is watch one of his movies (or even when I'm reading "Gone With The Wind" & "Scarlett")and he just puts me in a much better mood. What a fantastic all around man. Something about him. A certain je ne sais quoi.

This weekend has been a crappy crap shoot. I've basically been yelled at all weekend from both work establishments. Not by my bosses but by someone who wants/needs something from them. It's just exhausting being on your feet for hours, or running around for hours, or whatever-then have people rude, curt, bitchy, and just all around ass-hole-ish to you for hours. Ugh! I'm glad it's all done.

Also after being sick for 2 weeks my mom made me cave and just buy ge damn $90 antibiotics supposed to help get me well. Well let me tell you if they don't I'll be pissed off for sure. I mean $90 for 7 pills?! Ridiculous!

Not to stick in the bad mood, the good news from the weekend is that Mad Hatter March Hair creations has sold another hat! YAY! Check us out on Facebook and buy one. :D

Hope this week goes well for me and all of you, it seems everyone has been a bit off but hopefully this week will turn it around.