Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rainy With a Chance of Sniffles...

As I sit here slightly sniffley with a rambunctious puppy bounding on & off the bed with a tennis ball for me to throw whilst The Green Zone plays on t.v. I feel the need to blog because I am so dang bored! I hate being bed bound! And being sick pretty much keeps you there.

It's only been a day and a half & I am SO antsy! I love being lazy & sleeping in and spending a day in bed when I CHOOSE to but this, this sucks! I did get a brief reprieve this afternoon when I went for my weekly nail appointment with my friend Natalie & her mom's salon Golden Nail Salon ($40 mani/pedi!) and then went to Free City Super Shop on Highland-it's a super cute little shop with an amazingly friendly staff. It's all vegan which I love but the prices are a bit much (as in $218 for a pair of sweatpants). I did however find something in my price range-KIND KREME Ice Cream!!! SOOO tasty & vegan! I bought honey strawberry, super food, & chocolate salted caramel. Plus I got chocolate almond milk which is DELICIOUS! :) All in all a nice little hour and a half outta bed.

But then straight back. Colonel & I have been bums lying around all day only to break for lunch and dinner & potty breaks. Been pretty lame. The dayquil, nyquil, and vitamins don't seem to be doing much either. Not does tea and soup. I think colds have become super colds, all arch villain like. I imagine them comic book style looking like green goobers in purple & black costumes with a black mask. Evil bacterial bastards. But seriously, why the heck can I not fight off colds very well anymore? It is kicking my butt! And it makes me feel just so darn exhausted! I am so sleepy all the time and Colonel "the heater" Mustard doesn't help being all warm and cuddly!

I am off to read loads of blogs & snuggle with this exuberant pup of mine-he's just too darn cute!!

Take care friends & beware the evil Super Cold floating about! ;)