Thursday, February 11, 2010


The looong week continues. Too many hours logged at both jobs. So thus the Highlights and Low-lights of the week thus far:

*pinching a nerve under my shoulder blade and barely being able to move/carry anything
*getting up at 8AM tomorrow for physical therapy
*sore wrist from new ink
*working doubles every single day
*Missing friend's events/parties
*working on my Anniversary Friday


*my physical therapist is giving me a massage tomorrow to help with my pinched nerve
*lots of money on my next paychecks
*getting paid extra for extra hours clocked at my salaried office gig.
*getting this new ink in memorial for my cousin:

*my 4 year Anniversary on Friday with my bf
*only working one job on my anniversary
*being one day closer to Monday when my schedule relaxes a little again

Have a good week all! Take care :D