Saturday, February 27, 2010

"It's 2 AM?! I'm about to turn this dump into the new era of entertainment..."

What a busy week!!! Lots of work.

Tried Pink's Hot Dog for the first time. Pretty good but not as good as Budacki's in Chicago. Chicago has the best hot dogs! And pizza (tied with NYC)! Mmmm!

Auditioned for a play. Went alrighty. Auditioned for a tv pilot...A TV PILOT-AHHHHH!!! My first one, and it went pretty well. They laughed at all my funny stuff. So hopefully I hear something from them-it would be most exciting. :)

Now I'm dog-sitting my friend Meghan's little pooch Mimi-she's a pom and a BIG handful. Barks at everything! It's nice to get puppy cuddles though. :)

Oh and I just got a phone call about a movie audition. So hopefully soon things will start picking up on the old acting front. I need to get out there more. Hopefully this will be the start of it. :D

Hope you all are having a great week too! Take care!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oy vey!

So yesterday was quite the emotional trip. Kari described it perfectly. Craziness but I am so happy he was saved and is going to a great home.

Today was a busy/stressful work day preparing for arbitration. Then I went to an audition for a little theatre company. And I found out that I booked an audition for a pilot on Friday!!! YAY! So it is going to be a busy week! Wish me luck.

I'm off to some well-needed sleep.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Puppy Power!!!

So today I am on a mission. And not just one of my usual missions to get a million things done in one day or to not eat all the junk food in my apartment. On a good mission. As the Blues Brothers would say "a mission from god" (whom I don't really believe in so I'll just say a mission of goodwill). My friend Kari and I are driving about an hour away to save a dog from being euthanized for a family who lives in San Diego. So we are saving the life a dog so that he can be loved and given a forever home! I am so happy to be a part of this! And so happy the little guy wont be put down. I hate kill shelters! HATE THEM! So I cannot promise I wont cry a ton or come home wth a little beagle friend myself (they are my favorite breed) BUT I can promise we will save him and that we will take loads of pictures of our rescue mission! Wish us (and our little guy) lots of luck! I love doing things for a great cause, don't you? :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

Adventures in Dog Sitting (kind of)

Sleepover pictures! I got to borrow the pups from My Life With Dogs for some late night snuggles. First was Big Carl's sleepover:

Next was Baily's sleepover day!

And look what we ate for dinner yesterday-HOMEMADE GYROS!!!! Mmmmm! :D

And look at the great wines we got for our Greek dinner: