Saturday, February 27, 2010

"It's 2 AM?! I'm about to turn this dump into the new era of entertainment..."

What a busy week!!! Lots of work.

Tried Pink's Hot Dog for the first time. Pretty good but not as good as Budacki's in Chicago. Chicago has the best hot dogs! And pizza (tied with NYC)! Mmmm!

Auditioned for a play. Went alrighty. Auditioned for a tv pilot...A TV PILOT-AHHHHH!!! My first one, and it went pretty well. They laughed at all my funny stuff. So hopefully I hear something from them-it would be most exciting. :)

Now I'm dog-sitting my friend Meghan's little pooch Mimi-she's a pom and a BIG handful. Barks at everything! It's nice to get puppy cuddles though. :)

Oh and I just got a phone call about a movie audition. So hopefully soon things will start picking up on the old acting front. I need to get out there more. Hopefully this will be the start of it. :D

Hope you all are having a great week too! Take care!!

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