Saturday, March 27, 2010

"Well chimpanzee that, it's Monkey News..."

I borrowed that title from The Ricky Gervais show. I love that show. Mostly because Karl Pilkington is an idiot and it's funny to laugh at him with Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant. Good times...

Okay So I know it's been a bit since I said I would "post soon", how do I know this? Well I received this little message via Facebook from my dear friend Jessica (oh yeah-you're in my blog now-deal with it!) who live in Wisconsin with her husband [and who reads my little blog since we live so far away from one another-get your own blog lady so I can keep up with you too!]:

"Dear future owner of a drafty but awesome castle in Ireland: Please update your blog. I want to hear all about Vegas and your movie audition. Love, future occupant of guard shack on the moat."

to which I of course responded with the following:

"Dear Future Mini-Drafty Castle Occupant on my Back Lawn,
I've been busy but I will update it immediately. Henceforth let it be known I will try to keep up with my duties on Alex Gossip.
Love, Your Landlord from The Big Drafty Castle :)"

It's an inside joke about what I want to do if I ever get rich and famous, tell me you don't want to own a castle in Ireland and make a mini-one for your friends to live in and fly helicopters back and forth to see each other-I knew you couldn't, everyone wants that! :) And so...ON TO ALEX GOSSIP or my "Monkey News". WARNING: this will be a very long-winded post(I know, I know, it already is). I apologize. Now get ready for it-TA DA...

Vegas: It was AMAZING! We needed it! Great times! It was a really tame Vegas trip though, here are all the details...

Monday was our drive day. I had to go into the office and take care of some stuff because the boys I work for are children and I had to be a good mommy and make sure that everything was done for the week do they wouldn't have to do anything office-y like normal. I was stuck there until about 1:30 (which pushed back our departure time from noon). Then I had to finish packing and Joe "had" to shower. That pushed us back further. Then we needed to get gas and something to eat for lunch, more pushing back of departure time. We FINALLY left at 3:30 and were promptly stuck in a traffic jam on the 101 (which is like the slowest traffic jam ridden highway ever, unless you're on the 405 which is a parking lot-it should be called the get on and park highway). We finally broke through and kept looking for our connect highway, highway 60. P.S. the 60 does NOT connect to the 101 North. Good job Joe. He blames google maps. So we took an hour long detour up to Oxnard and decided to stop at the visitors center. The woman there was AMAZING and gave us a back-roads way to connect to the 15 (which is what goes right to Vegas). So then that took about an hour of little Cali highway driving, which turned out to be beautiful and pretty fun. We found the 15 and made it to Vegas at 10:30. That's right our 5 hour drive turned into 7. Whatever. We pretty much went to bed quickly after that.

Tuesday: I woke up and made everyone breakfast. Pumpkin pancakes (Trader Joe mix), scrambled eggs spiced up cajun style, and homemade hot chocolate with vanilla marshmallows. Mmmm! Then we all got dressed and hung out my friend's parent's house (where they let us stay for free-so so sweet). Joe then made jambalaya for everyone for dinner. And then we met up with some of my Michigan State Theatre Alumni friends. One couple lives and works in Vegas and one couple was visiting for their 30th birthdays. We met up at 9 Fine Irishmen Pub in the NYNY Casino. We drank a lot and caught up and reminisced and had a blast. Then Pat & Annie (the Vegas natives) went home (they had to work on Weds) and the 5 of us left over walked the strip a little. We saw the Bellagio Fountain and walked about for a bit longer. We stopped at Caesar's outdoor lil bar thing where I bought a huge Caesars' water bottle full of strawberry daiquiri and then everyone went their separate ways for "home". Joe and I and our friend Lacey (who we were staying with) went and looked at the Bellagio Conservatory. That place is AMAZING and so beautiful! Then we walked to the car and headed home for the night.

Wednesday aka SAINT PATRICK'S DAY aka the BEST day in the Spring months: We slept in (again), at breakfast (bagels), and headed to the strip. We met up with Annie and Jason & Alison (30th bdays couple) at Rao's restaurant in Caesar's Palace where Pat works as the Food & Beverage Manager. We had the MOST DELICIOUS lunch ever! Antipasto salad, pasta in vodka sauce, veal meatballs, margherita pizza, 4 cheese pizza, and a prosciutto "sandwich" pizza, followed by tiramisu. We were so stuffed and happy when we left. And we gave HUGE thank yous to Pat and Annie for treating us to such a delicious feast! Then the 5 of us (Joe, Jason, Alison, Lacey, and I) went across the street to O'Shea's Casino for their Irish block party. We tried, in vain, to get huge Long Island Ice Teas in giant shamrock glasses but had to settle for green coors lite. Then we walked around in the gorgeous sunshine and mid 70s weather. We parted ways around 2:15 so Lacey could go pick up her sister from school and take her to a voice lesson. I napped. Joe watched tv and played on the laptop. Then Joe and I grilled burgers and fresh veggies for dinner and served it with chips and salsa. Then we all went back to the strip. We went to the Paris Casino and got HUGE daquiris and coladas in plastic Eiffel Towers (La Tour Eiffel if you will) and then we proceeded to walk all the way down to Mandalay Bay. Paris Casino-lovely, Bellagio-lovely, Caesars-lovely, Mandalay-lovely, Luxor-kinda cheesy but nice, O'Sheas-pretty tacky, Excalibur Casino-GHETTO!!! SO ghetto, extremely and utterly ghetto. DO NOT STAY THERE. Ick, ick, ick. We walked through it and felt kinda filthy. Then we cabbed back to New York New York and walked around inside there trying to get into bars, we failed, I'm sorry I refuse to pay $10-25 in COVER CHARGES. NO WAY! So we called it quits and went home. So I drank that day the most of anyone (another Caesar bottle of colada, and Eiffel tower daiquiri, and green beer. OH! And 3 coronas. I rule). Then sleep!

Thursday: We slept in for the third day in a row-HEAVEN. Went to brunch at Mimi's Cafe. I had mimosas and Joe and Lacey drank coffee (light-weights). We went home and watched tv all day. Then we went to dinner at Cheesecake Factory with Lacey's old friend from high school and ate til we were stuffed. Then Joe and I left around 10:15 and drove back to LA. We got back to our apartment at 3:15ish and crashed. That was Vegas. So needed and restful. And it was so So SO good to see Annie & Pat and Jason & Alison. Just lovely.

On to other Alex Gossip Goings-On:

I auditioned for a small movie and got great feedback, if I don't hear anything in the next week that means I didn't get it. I auditioned for Antigone on Wednesday. What a cattle call that was. Whatever-I love auditioning for classic theatre. It makes me happy.

I've taken up the thing I loathe-exercising. BUT I've ingeniously been tricking my brain to think it's not exercise by running/jogging/walking my friend Kari's pups from My Life With Dogs. So smart. I love puppy play time and then my brain is like yay-let's go walk puppies! Oh brain, you're so dumb, wait, er...

Also, Joe and I are finally done with the big sprig cleaning/mass furniture move in our apartment and are selling all our extra crap at a friend's yard sale. Thanks Jenn! And we laminated Construction Paper Christmas Tree to last forever. Yay!

And let's see what else, oh I owe $800 I don't have in taxes apparently. Even with all my medical stuff taken out. Someone wasn't withholding enough from my checks. Thanks jerk-offs, now I am screwed. So that's delightful. That puts a hold on adopting our own pup (AGAIN-UGH!).

My friend is back with her bf that she broke up with. I want her to be happy but I don't think this is the guy for her. Boo-I hate these situations. I've been in them three times now: once I said something, she got upset and we were weird for awhile. Then they broke up and she said she should have listened to me and we were great again and now she has an amazing bf I love and she loves and he loves her and it's magic. Once I didn't say anything and she is now marrying this guy and everyone ever hates him because he's an asshole and it's too late to say anything. Boo on that situation because she deserves someone much better than him who treats her like a queen not a slave or whipping post. And now this third situation where I've kinda said something and she was really glad I did and then they broke up and now they're back together. So I don't really need to say it again but I just feel like she needs to remember there are reasons they broke up and those issues have not been resolved. So I'm trying to be there for her and kinda keep out of it but if she asks I tell the truth.

My other friend has a friend dying so she is down. :( It's just such a sad situation and I'm just trying to be there for her. XOXOXOX She is also pretty angry with this gal we both know mutually who never vaccinated her dog so she could save money and it got parvo and died. Now I have issues with anyone who treats animals with neglect or cruelly which I believe not taking proper care to ensure the health and safety of your dog is. It just doesn't surprise me that this girl did this. I feel so horrible for that poor little puppy who passed away from something so horrible that is so easily prevented because this person was irresponsible-but, again, I am not surprised. It's just sad. What a crappy thing to befall a dog. Poor little puppy...I just want to rescue every dog ever that needs it and give them a good home full of love and safety. What can you do. But anyway, I love my friend and hope she feels better and that sad and anger giving situations stop happening to her :D

I think this is about all that is going on with me. OH! And I am helping Joe with his first "Crafty Project" as he calls it. Re-felting his chess set. Yep. That is about as crafty as he gets, but isn't that just the cutest? I love him. Too cute.

I went with my friend Kira to see Jamie Cullum live. It was a pretty great concert. Full of good songs, great jazzy riffs from a good band, and good company. Good times!

Yay for the Spartans being in the Elite Eight! Let's make it to the Final Four boys-you can do it! Also Adventures in Dogsitting next week whilst Kari and her DH are outta town, get ready for that! :D

So hope all is well with you all. And I am finally caught up with every one's blogs that I read (yay). Take care and enjoy this spring weather. Love, love, love. I hope this satisfies you Miss Jessica ;) Miss you and Mike D!!!!! xoxoxox

Here are our Vegas pics thus far (loads were taken on my friend's camera but she still has to send them my way). Most of them are her parent's pups and kitty, then pictures that we are in love with an want to find copies of for our house, and then a few of us on the strip:

Here are pics of Kari's dogs:

And here is Jamie Cullum (via my blackberry):

Friday, March 19, 2010

"It wasn't a case of blindsiding..."

I'm back in LA. But I have loads to catch up on so I will post about our Vegas Adventure later. It was pretty tame though so don't worry. I'll try to catch up on all the post I missed from all of you folks too. Glad to be back but missing vacation already. Hope you had fabulous Saint Patrick's Days! :D

Monday, March 15, 2010

Vacation all I ever wanted...

We leave for Vegas in the morning! I am on vacation!!!! I apologize if I'm "off the grid" for a few days. Enjoy your week! We will be enjoying ours in Sin City :D

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adventures in Weekend Dogsitting...

A couple of weekends ago I dog sat for a friend who has a roommate who parties with a few crazies. We had a pretty fun weekend and here are the pics to prove it!

It was pretty fun! We can't wait to have our own though (with a little more training than Miss Mimi here).

Sorry for the lack of posting-I have been a busy gal! Loads of work. Prep for my trip to Las Vegas next week!!!! Eeek! I'm so excited for a little mini-vacation. I need a mini-break let me tel y'all! And I get to see some friends that I went to college with and did theatre with. And then Saturday I have my movie audition!

So I just need to finish the week, find a bathing suit for Vegas, do laundry, pack for Vegas, memorize my lines for my audition, and get ready to have some fun!

In other news I have been busy helping a friend out who just got "dumped" (sort of). I feel awful for her. She is heart-broken. I just want to make it better for her. I, however, really feel that this guy was wrong for her. He is just working out too many things right now with 2 ex-wives, and his job, and apartment, and child support, and not having any money to live, etc. etc. etc. My friend just moved here 3 months ago, is fresh to the area, loves very quickly and deeply, and is 35 and has never been married. Everyone cautioned her that this guys might not be ready but he pursued her so hard (and she loves to be wooed) she fell for him. And now he recognizes he has too much on his plate and ended it. And she is just down. I have no idea to help other than to listen and support her and try to be there. But she just keeps saying "I hear that and logically I know it makes sense but my heart hurts and is broken". It just makes me sad for her. What's a friend to do?!

It just a lot going on as usual. But I'm trying to keep it all balanced. And stay positive. And shopping at Target where I got 4 of the CUTEST dresses. Oh, and get excited for this next week in Vegas! So, what's going on with all of you? ;)

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"I'm not ging to do anything I don't wanna..."

Oh my dear, dear friends. What a silly night this has been.

Let me first start with what's been going on this week. I have been working a lot and two of my dear friends have come over in the evening because they were having rough weeks. We had a few cocktails (Monday night with my nurse/actress/fellow hat maker friend we had blood orange mimosas, Tuesday with my actress friend from Chicago who now also lives here in LA we had Irish cider and beer) and they got out all they needed to vent. It was really nice. I love being able to be there for my amazing friends who are always there for me. Love them!

Also yesterday with the delicious ciders/beers Joe and I made a picnic dinner. We made my own recipe of pasta salad: cooked and drained pasta (your choice), sliced carrots, cucumber cubes, diced onions, capers, sliced olives, chunked mozzarella, robusto italian dressing, a little salsa verde, italian seasoning, fresh cracked pepper, and garlic salt. So tasty! Then we made special turkey framani sandwiches. First pick your favorite bread, spread goat cheese on your 'bottom' slice, place thinly sliced braeburn apples on top of the cheese, place your turkey on top of the apples, lay thinly sliced red onions atop the turkey, then comes some lettuce, then on you 'top' slice of bread spread sun-dried tomato spread or if you're in a pinch some tomato paste. This sandwich is inspired by my fave sandwich at a LA restaurant called The Curious Palate. They use only fresh and local organic ingredients. And their framani turkey sandwich is heaven sent. MMMM!

So to keep in the I'm cooking mood I was going to make a feast for my little math geek whilst he was at school teaching and then at chess club. I borrowed my good friend Kari's jeep, went to the store, and started cooking my feast (after some puppy distractions). I was making the delicious cookies found here My Favorite things, my mom's grape salad recipe, and the pasta a la Marlboro Man from The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

Well I made the cookies to perfection. I was getting everything prepped for the pasta. I started to make the grape salad. I washed and dried the grapes, put softened cream cheese, cool whip, brown sugar, and was starting to blend it up with a stick blender (we don't have a kitchen-aid or hand mixer). Well some cream cheese was stuck under the blade and I stuck my finger to scrape it off and with my other hand was trying to take the motor part off. Well instead my pinky hit the on button and I sliced open my finger. Deep and bloody style. Big time bad. So I applied pressure, called my little PhD Math guy home to help save me, called my nurse friends, and when it stopped bleeding nu-skin-ed the crap out of it. I am avoiding paying the $100 ER visit copay. Needless to say my lil math man had to finish the pasta for me and mix up the rest of the grape salad. It was amazingly delicious but my finger is numb and throbbing. My poor bf had to rush home and he didn't get the feast I promised to make for him.

At least we ate some great food! I'll just have to be careful with my finger the rest of this week. Hope you all are a little more careful than I am when it comes to stick blender blades... ;)