Thursday, March 11, 2010

Adventures in Weekend Dogsitting...

A couple of weekends ago I dog sat for a friend who has a roommate who parties with a few crazies. We had a pretty fun weekend and here are the pics to prove it!

It was pretty fun! We can't wait to have our own though (with a little more training than Miss Mimi here).

Sorry for the lack of posting-I have been a busy gal! Loads of work. Prep for my trip to Las Vegas next week!!!! Eeek! I'm so excited for a little mini-vacation. I need a mini-break let me tel y'all! And I get to see some friends that I went to college with and did theatre with. And then Saturday I have my movie audition!

So I just need to finish the week, find a bathing suit for Vegas, do laundry, pack for Vegas, memorize my lines for my audition, and get ready to have some fun!

In other news I have been busy helping a friend out who just got "dumped" (sort of). I feel awful for her. She is heart-broken. I just want to make it better for her. I, however, really feel that this guy was wrong for her. He is just working out too many things right now with 2 ex-wives, and his job, and apartment, and child support, and not having any money to live, etc. etc. etc. My friend just moved here 3 months ago, is fresh to the area, loves very quickly and deeply, and is 35 and has never been married. Everyone cautioned her that this guys might not be ready but he pursued her so hard (and she loves to be wooed) she fell for him. And now he recognizes he has too much on his plate and ended it. And she is just down. I have no idea to help other than to listen and support her and try to be there. But she just keeps saying "I hear that and logically I know it makes sense but my heart hurts and is broken". It just makes me sad for her. What's a friend to do?!

It just a lot going on as usual. But I'm trying to keep it all balanced. And stay positive. And shopping at Target where I got 4 of the CUTEST dresses. Oh, and get excited for this next week in Vegas! So, what's going on with all of you? ;)

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  1. Mesa, Baily and Big Carl are so much better than a fluff ball!