Thursday, April 30, 2009

"I made a new house for him out of an old pasta box..."

So my back went out again.
Not awesome.
Last night.
I went on my ball to try to stretch and relax.
I used heat.
I woke up feeling worse.
I called the insurance company.
The recommended an 'osteopathic spinal specialist'.
Turned out it was a Chiropractor.
They made me feel worse.
I left crying.
I went to the ER.
I got a valium shot for the pain.
I need to see an internal medicine specialist.
It could be an aggravation of my first back strain from 4 years ago.
I might need physical therapy again if it's that.
If it's worse I might need surgery.
I'm just so annoyed this happened again.
I mean it flared up at Christmas but I am just not wanting to go through this shit again.
I'm so annoyed.
And I'm really pissed at that chiropractor for making me feel worse.
What a joke that office and those 'doctors' were.
I know some people love them but it made me feel like I wanted to die.
The ER gave me prescriptions for inflammation and spasms and pain.
I feel really loopy but better.
I'm just uncomfortable and icing my back and am annoyed.
I'm bed ridden for the weekend.
I have been ordered to take off work until Monday.
I hate being stuck in bed-I mean I love being in bed but not when I don't get the choice-like when I'm sick or injured like this.
I don't want to whine or be depressed about this but I'm just so mad.
At 24 I do not want to feel like I'm 94.
Okay, I will be positive about this.
Maybe it will just be PT and I will restrengthen my back and core muscles.
I will not let this ruin my life or summer or work, etc.
*Deep Breath*
Okay, I feel better now that it's all off my chest.

Hope all is well with all y'all.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009

We're no strangers to love, you know the rules and so do I...

Losing weight baby!

So I'm in a play and rehearsing every night for that, working everyday to save mega money for all these plane tickets, a bridesmaid dress, a tattoo, a puppy, a computer, etc. I have been so busy and I am crazy tired but happy. Gotta love doing what you want. I just gotta keep trucking and saving my cheddar.

Oh and I am crazy obsessed with 80's music videos on youtube such as Rick Astley's from my title there-genius!