Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Sunny With a Chance of Good for The World Wednesdays!!

Happy Hump Day Chickens! Here is to making the world a better place one day at a time. This first Wednesday I am going to start of easy by just saying ladies do yourself a favor and check out the following two books:

1) Gorgeously Green by Sophie Uliano.

It's a one stop shop for starting to green up your life while remaining the gorgeous gal that you are. It covers beauty products, cleaning products, food items, exercise, everything! Ms. Uliano not only lists all the bad non-green products you own but also the great green products to try & use. PLUS she lists a few tried and true home remedies you can make yourself with little muss or fuss. One of my fave beginner books to start greening up your life!

2) Clean Food by Terry Walters.

This book is perfect for vegans, vegetarians, and omnivores alike! It is all about keeping your food as close to the source (a.k.a. the place it grows) as possible. Stop consuming all that processed junk and start eating healthy, fresh, local, and organic foods! Eat plentifully but healthily. The recipes are super easy and super tasty-and a hit with every person I've tried them on. From my vegan tummy, to my boyfriend's 80% vegan & 20% omnivore tummy, to my parents' Midwest meat & potatoes & milk tummy's. The food is delightful, usually not that hard to find, divided into seasons (so you can eat locally people!), and usually is just what your tummy was craving! I definitely recommend this for anyone. :)

So get out there, get your read on, and start greening up your life & household! Your body, mind, and soul will thank you-and bonus points is that so will the planet!!! Enjoy your Wednesday! :D

Sunny with a Chance of hot hot hot!

It is a SCORCHER here in LA!! Summer has arrived and the weather is here to prove it! DAY-UM!

So in the spirit of the 4th our very 1st TCM Tuesday shall be featuring a little gem known as Yankee Doodle starring that old song and dance man...Jimmy Cagney! *insert sound of record skipping here* Jimmy Cagney a song and dance man? Yes folks! You heard it here first (maybe), our little gangster was indeed first a song and dance man!

It is an adorable musical about "composer/singer/dancer George M. Cohan". It stars a favorite of mine (Jimmy Cagney) as George. It's a delight to see him as a singing and dancing man rather than the usual gangster-he is so much more and I personally enjoy seeing him stretch his actor chops! The story follows George "From his early days as a child-star in his family's vaudeville show up to the time of his comeback at which he received a medal from the president for his special contributions to the US, this is the life- story of George M. Cohan, who produced, directed, wrote and starred in his own musical shows for which he composed his famous songs" and personally I love the heck out of it!

Plus Joan Leslie is adorable as Mary (his lady love). I just love everything about classic musicals and this movie has it all-big show stopper numbers, Jimmy talk singing the hell outta some great patriotic tunes, and lovely ladies in gorgeous classic clothes! Get yourself out there and start your trip into the classics with this little gem and let it help you keep that patriotic punch in week a little longer! :D

Have a fabulous day chickens!