Tuesday, February 2, 2010

"We know for certain we have twins coming, so what is the probablity that they'll be identical?"

So I have been working a lot, thus the lack of entries. It has literally been me getting up, going to my office job down the block, driving the 45 mins-1 hour out to my restaurant job in Malibu, then driving home at 10pm eating dinner, doing a mini veg out session, then going to bed and repeating, for a week now. Except this past Sunday when we went over to friends for salmon tacos and then I stopped by a friend's bday party after and didn't get to bed until 2:30am. Then yesterday was "crazy stress work day".

So I'm sorry I haven't posted for a few days. We did however on fish taco day get plenty of play time with the "terrible trio" from My Life With Dogs which was a great stress reliever and little shot of puppy rejuvenation before the stress of Monday hit.

Monday was a mess. Blah. My boss can be a 5 year old. I find a lot of males in the city of angels tend to behave the same way he does. Sometimes it can be endearing, sometimes (like yesterday) I want to punch him. What can you do?

Luckily my honey is very sweet and lets me vent to him and then snuggles me. Also luckily today was my "day off" where I go to physical therapy and run all my errands for the week. PT kicked my butt but then I came home and just relaxed for awhile and skipped my big to-do list. I look like a grub-star but I don't care. It was nice to not have to get dressed up for work, or smile all day, or be "on" for people. It was great. Then my friend came over. My math nerd extraordinnaire is going to tutor her in statistics/probability. Isn't nice that I have a PhD math geek in my home to pimp out to friends? I love him. He does these things just because he loves math and loves to teach. Isn't that cute? And he made us dinner before the tutoring began, he's too sweet!

So since I've been away I thought what better way to make up for it then by posting loads of pictures for you! YAY photos! I love photos. :)

So here are some of the HUGE full moon we had the other night (it was actually 300,000 miles closer to the earth than normal) as viewed from my workplace out in Malibu:

Here are some pics of some things from around my apartment...
Penelope (my poinsettia) with my Turner Classic Movies catalog:

My packed bookshelf:

On top of my bookshelf:

Little sign on our door:

Georgia Peach sign above the stove:

Craft Table, really messy Craft Table:

French Picture corner:

Gerbera Daisies I bought today:

Old movie posters and my Gone With The Wind calendar:

The craft I get the most compliments on:

Who doesn't love a good construction paper Christmas tree? That has been our tree for the past two years here in LA. It's just too hard to have a real tree in our lil' apartment. And we love it so much we leave it up all year. People always gush when they see it for the first time. Who knew that when I got into a five year old mood and wanted to play with paper I would make the thing in my apt. people love most to see? I love it and am proud of my construction paper skillz, that's right skillz not skills. :)

Now to curl up with Joe (post-tutoring) and watch some Bill Murray in Groundhog's Day! Yay :D

Have a good one guys! See you soon.