Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sunny With a Chance of Volcanoes...

Homemade volcanoes that is! Used for cleaning purposes too! This weeks Good For The World Wednesday is all about white vinegar & baking soda. This is seriously the green gals best friend!

So here are the benefits to these products:

1) again SUPER amazing for the ol' wallet. Super duper cheap and it'll last longer than most other cleaning products as you can buy it in bulk & use less product for the same results as other cleaners.

2) super fantastic for the environment because if this goes down the drain it isn't full of ammonia or other toxins into the sewers which can end up leaching into your water supply. It's also safe around your children and pets! Personally if it has a major warning about the dangers of contact with my eyes or ingestion I don't want it anywhere around where my puppy or future kiddos will be crawling.

3) it cleans just as well as the toxic stuff. I promise it really does. I just scrubbed the crap outta my bathroom this weekend with both and not only is it sparkling clean but it was fun to create little volcanoes in my tub/shower, sink, and toilet. Making cleaning fun is good in my book as then it doesn't feel so much like a chore but more like a fun 2nd grade science project!.

No for those who don't enjoy the smell of vinegar may I suggest lemon juice. Works just as well and has a more acceptable smell to most (plus you still get a little bit of a volcano-like reaction).

So go out & buy some baking soda & vinegar (or lemons) and play/clean up your house!! :D