Thursday, October 14, 2010

Mixed Weather Reviews but Mostly Sunny

Hello Friends!

So I was absent for a bit. For the identity theft incident, a trip back to Michigan and my home town, and now because I'm sick! So busy!

SO here is a quick run-down on the progress of everything...

1) Identity theft: the culprit is in LA County jail (thank goodness) and is being held on high High HIGH bail so I and everyone else are safe. I just have to keep monitoring my credit, etc. and stay on top of everything since the laws are set up so the victim must do the work to save their own credit/future. And since my credit/future are important to me I am staying on it!

2) Trip to Michigan-it started off not so great. The car died and I had to call everyone I could think of for a ride to make my flight. But the charity walk I did for Walk Now for Autism Speaks was amazing and our team raised over $2500!!!

3) My home town was for the most part great. My lovely friend got married-she was gorgeous, the ceremony and reception were amazing, it was pretty perfect! We threw a pretty kick-ass bachelorette party for her too! My family was great-it was nice t spend some quality time together and really talk. There was a minor drama with my sister's crazy ex but that was avoided for the most part, he was just being his immature self and my sister smartly removed herself from the situation.

4) I woke up my last morning in Michigan with a slight sore throat (I thought due to the lack of sleep I got all week from wedding extravaganza and cocktailing like I don't usually do) and then by the end of the first of two plane rides I was in full blown cold mode. Then I got a fever. What can I say? October seems to be my sick month, last year's Halloween was spent in bed sick-at least this year it came early so hopefully I can still dress up and have fun with Joe and our puppy!

So that is my brief run down. Enjoy some photos from my Michigan adventure!

So blogger wont let me upload photos...I shall do it tomorrow, hopefully it'll be better by then. :)