Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"I come from down in the valley, where mister when you're young"

My little sister just introduced me to my new favorite website: modcloth.com
SERIOUSLY check it out. I want everything on that site ever.

So it feels like my stomach is trapped up by my ribcage. My P.T. therapist tried to help "move" it back to it's original position in my body but it is unhappy. So I just feel very twisted up and uncomfortable. My whole abdomen hurts and feels weird on the inside. It makes me most unhappy. She gave me areas on my different lymphatic system to massage to help it feel better but it feels sucky. Really craptastic in fact. Boo. I'm over all this feeling like death stuff my body keeps pulling on me. My back, throat sickness, now my tummy/abdomen. Bunch of crap.

In happier news I am preparing to fly home. I am getting really excited to be in fall weather. To eat cider donuts and drink cider. To just hang out in MI. It's weird but I do miss it. And my brother and his gf are picking me up so you know we're going to Polonia restaurant for delicious Polish foods. And now I can show my family how to make homemade pierogi and dill pickle soup! So delicious!

I think it will be a pretty great week of anticiaption and then next week is just going to be LOVELY. Just the medicine I need. :D

Speaking of medicine, I went to a little bar out in Mar Vista called The Good Hurt where the bartenders dress up as nurses, they have little shots in test tubes called 'transfusions, and on Mondays they have pole dancing. Not like strippper nasty pole dancing, but really cool girls who do it as a sport or go to S Factor classes. It was so friggin amazing. Best time! My pal Jenn organized it and we met up with some mutuals buds and some of her pals that are awesome. Just an all around good time. I highly recommend getting your butt over there on a Monday and check it out!

I guess that does it for now. Take care all. :)