Thursday, September 30, 2010

Stormy with a Chance of BAD...

Sorry for the lack of blogging. Originally it was due to work and planning my dear friend's bachelorette party this next week. Those are pretty good and positive reasons. Now it's just bad. I am a victim of identity theft.

All I can say is I feel disgusted. This was not some random faceless person. This was someone I trusted. Someone I thought was a friend. Someone who was helping me with my health issues. I feel utterly violated. This person was arrested, thank goodness. But I have called every federal, state, local agency that has anything to do with me, this person, my information, my life, my money. It's been horrible.

I'm not saying I'll never trust anyone ever again. This person is obviously a sociopath. Who would do this and keep up a relationship, only a crazy person. I'm just feeling so much more guarded and like I need to go crazy recluse for awhile.

So my friends. BE CAREFUL!! Also I will be in Michigan for my Walk Now for Autism Speaks on Sunday-donate if you can. And then my dear friend's wedding extravaganza. Hope this next week goes better than this one has. And hope all your weeks are amazing.

My highlight is helping rescue a hound-dog with my dear friends Kari and her Hubs. They are transporting him towards his new home. I am just glad we could play a small part by being his halfway house for the night. I'll post pics when I can.

Thanks for your understanding in all my time away. Hope nothing but good things for y'all. :)