Monday, February 21, 2011

Stormy With a Chance of a Vice-like Headache

Help! My head is killing me! I left work early & honestly don't know how I am gonna go tomorrow if this keeps up. Blech I hate being sick!! I'm in pouty kid mode where I want to be taken care of but Joe is at a chess tournament (it was a 3 day long tourney). It'll be fine, I just can't get rid of this headache.

I watched Auntie Mame & My Fair Lady last night. Those movies just re-fuel my soul. Love them! "Life is a banquet & most poor suckers are starving to death!" It's too true Mame, it's too true.

Well hope you're all healthy and happy dear chickens. xoxox

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunny With a Chance of Soup, Miso that is...

So I'm sucking down miso soup today and watching movies like crazy. Thus far in the past two days:

The Runaways-pretty good, not great. Yay chick rock though!

Crazy Heart-AMAZING! I love Jegg Bridges in general but he shined this movie. Just beautiful. He deserved the Oscar hands down.

The Last Song-crap. Miley Cyrus is crap. Her music is crap. Just crap. Blech. Sadness.

Amelia-blah, Hilary Swank why. While the story of Amelia Earhart is inspiring this movie just left me feeling blah. Disappointing to say the least.

Zebrahead-set in Detroit-woot. Story was good. Acting-meh.

The Losers-yes it & they were. But I do love me some Zoe Saldana.

Dark Matter-depressing, Meryl Streep, murder. An alright indie. And I do LOVE Meryl.

I think there was another movie but I don't remember so there ya go on that. Pretty lame life when you're sick. Bright side crap ton of blogging and tweeting! Yay! :)

Back to snuggling this little pup of mine, he leads a rough life, ha!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rainy With a Chance of Sniffles...

As I sit here slightly sniffley with a rambunctious puppy bounding on & off the bed with a tennis ball for me to throw whilst The Green Zone plays on t.v. I feel the need to blog because I am so dang bored! I hate being bed bound! And being sick pretty much keeps you there.

It's only been a day and a half & I am SO antsy! I love being lazy & sleeping in and spending a day in bed when I CHOOSE to but this, this sucks! I did get a brief reprieve this afternoon when I went for my weekly nail appointment with my friend Natalie & her mom's salon Golden Nail Salon ($40 mani/pedi!) and then went to Free City Super Shop on Highland-it's a super cute little shop with an amazingly friendly staff. It's all vegan which I love but the prices are a bit much (as in $218 for a pair of sweatpants). I did however find something in my price range-KIND KREME Ice Cream!!! SOOO tasty & vegan! I bought honey strawberry, super food, & chocolate salted caramel. Plus I got chocolate almond milk which is DELICIOUS! :) All in all a nice little hour and a half outta bed.

But then straight back. Colonel & I have been bums lying around all day only to break for lunch and dinner & potty breaks. Been pretty lame. The dayquil, nyquil, and vitamins don't seem to be doing much either. Not does tea and soup. I think colds have become super colds, all arch villain like. I imagine them comic book style looking like green goobers in purple & black costumes with a black mask. Evil bacterial bastards. But seriously, why the heck can I not fight off colds very well anymore? It is kicking my butt! And it makes me feel just so darn exhausted! I am so sleepy all the time and Colonel "the heater" Mustard doesn't help being all warm and cuddly!

I am off to read loads of blogs & snuggle with this exuberant pup of mine-he's just too darn cute!!

Take care friends & beware the evil Super Cold floating about! ;)

Friday, February 18, 2011


It's been too too long! I am so sorry I was away for such a spell!

So here's what's been up-I died, just kidding, obviously. I have been just so, so, SO crazy busy! Now get ready for some crazy stream of conscious my peeps!

December was crazy due to our car being hit & totaled. Joe was coming to pick me up from work and a woman in an SUV decide to turn left in front of on-coming traffic & crushed my poor little SPF (my '04 silver ford focus zts-Sean Patrick Focus). His engine was too crushed to fixed & he had to be scrapped. Luckily no one was hurt in the accident (just my poor lil car!) so I am grateful for that.

Then the holidays-a mixed bag. It was AMAZING to see everyone & spend time with my honey's & my fams & friends it is more than a little stressful to be made to feel like we are supposed to travel the state to see all them. Now most times I am more than happy to do this but it is difficult for us seeing as we don't live in Michigan anymore. We live 3000 miles away! That means we have no home base there, no car, no easy way of traveling about. And when our loved ones make us feel bad about asking them to come visit us wherever we are (usually at one of our folks' house) it does irk me a bit. We flew 6 hours to be in the same state as all of them but are then made to feel bad when we ask that they drive an hour or so to see us if we can't get to them easily. It was a bit frustrating a couple of times on the trip. But, again, still worth it to see all those we love and miss so much (I just wish they would come out here to see us once too!). Also Colonel flew beautifully!! He was medicated but he behaved so well (he loved his peanut butter encased meds) and all the airline workers/passengers loved him! I am so glad he fit under the seat & could fly with us on the plane and not in cargo-cargo is scary!

Then after the holidays we had more car drama as it turned out the lady who hit our car didn't have insurance & tried to fraudulently use another woman's. So then we were dealing with all of that & trying to find a new car for uber cheap. We worked it all out with our insurance & are going to take this woman to court to get our deductible covered & the expenses we incurred. And we found a new little car! A 2005 ford focus, she's blue, & her name is Rosalita Focus. She'll never fill the hole from losing my lil' SPF but she's a good ol' gal! :)

Then Joe & I had our 5 year anniversary last weekend! We've made it five year people! I am so proud of us & our relationship. I do not know many folks my age who have been with the same person this long. It just feels like an amazing accomplishment and we have had our ups and downs but we keep choosing each other every day. I love that. Friday we kept it low key & just hung out at home, Saturday (our actual anniversary) I had appointments from 11-1:30 & Joe had sexual harassment training for the university til about 3 so we were gonna go to dinner later but had nothing too special planned...or so Joe thought! I went to Trashy Lingerie after my appointments and found a sexy something, made a friend in the sales gal, went home & cleaned up, lit candles, poured wine, put on my special something & waited for Joe. He loved it! We went to dinner at Shin Korean BBQ for dinner-they had DELICIOUS vegan options! We had a blast! Then we went to Best Buy & I hit the bargain bin mother load-The Sandlot, Dirt Rotten Scoundrels, & Robin Hood Men in Tights for $15!! AWESOME! Then we went The Pleasure Chest and had some fun laughing at 70s porn & the hilarious items in the shop & picked up a fun board game for ourselves. Then Sunday we went outlet shopping & to Disneyland. Man do we love the magical kingdom! We packed a picnic & rode some fun rides, I got my face painted, we took some amazing pictures, and I got some Tinkerbell ear with my name on them! It was a blast. Monday Joe made me vegan sushi for dinner & we watched The Sandlot-perfect Valentine's Day.

I've got some headshots coming up soon so I am busy planning outfits & hair & make-up. I am getting a keratin treatment done so we will see how lustrous that makes my hair for these photos-I'm slightly nervous but excited. I am literally a trim kinda gal (occasional highlights if my sister is bored-she's a hair dresser) so this is kind of a bigger thing for me but my friend Dionna recommended this treatment & hair dresser & her hair is fab so I'm excited! I hope these pictures are as amazing as I hope they will be-the photographer is a friend of one of my dearest friends & he is AMAZING! They should be pretty great! I'll post pics when I have them.

Now I'm sick & recovering from a pretty hardcore cupping session on my back (I am super bruised!). This cold is kicking my butt! I've been super exhausted & congested & runny nose-ish. Not awesome. Hopefully it'll clear up and I'll be right as rain soon enough!

Hope you all are well!! I've missed you all but been keeping up on reading all your blogs just haven't had time to write myself! Take care my pals!!