Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunny With a Chance of Soup, Miso that is...

So I'm sucking down miso soup today and watching movies like crazy. Thus far in the past two days:

The Runaways-pretty good, not great. Yay chick rock though!

Crazy Heart-AMAZING! I love Jegg Bridges in general but he shined this movie. Just beautiful. He deserved the Oscar hands down.

The Last Song-crap. Miley Cyrus is crap. Her music is crap. Just crap. Blech. Sadness.

Amelia-blah, Hilary Swank why. While the story of Amelia Earhart is inspiring this movie just left me feeling blah. Disappointing to say the least.

Zebrahead-set in Detroit-woot. Story was good. Acting-meh.

The Losers-yes it & they were. But I do love me some Zoe Saldana.

Dark Matter-depressing, Meryl Streep, murder. An alright indie. And I do LOVE Meryl.

I think there was another movie but I don't remember so there ya go on that. Pretty lame life when you're sick. Bright side crap ton of blogging and tweeting! Yay! :)

Back to snuggling this little pup of mine, he leads a rough life, ha!

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