Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hot With a Chance of Sun!

I am a red-head not made for hot weather and boy is the temperature creeping up there in So Cal lately. Yikes! So in that train of thought I bring you TCM Tuesday starring:


I love, Love, LOVE this movie. Jack Lemmon, Tony Curtis, Marilyn Monroe, and Billy Wilder-what more could you ask for in a comedy?!

The film is about two struggling male musicians (Curtis and Lemmon) who witness some gangsters pull off a hit at a garage and try to hide out from mob boss Spats Colombo to avoid the same fate in an all female band. Of course love and fun ensue along with a few cross-dressing classic scenes! All around just an amazing cast under the fantastic directorship of Billy Wilder.

This is one of the classics that I like to ease non-classic movie buffs in with because it has fun stuff for everyone. Comedy, sex, music, just all around the film is fantastic and one that I give 5 stars to. Check out a little preview:

The trailer!

Go grab some popcorn, curl up with your puppy or bf and enjoy!

Sunny With A Chance of Panting!

Colonel Mustard here! It is too hot in LA-I hate it! All I do is chew ice & pant. Just look what I did all last week & weekend:

Mom says she is sorry we didn't blog last week but it was a ruff week for her-I can't see why with all the walks and naps I took. Did you see me eating Snoopy up there?! I love tearing apart stuffies. Well I need to go chase my tennis ball. Have a good week!

-Colonel Mustard!