Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"I'm not ging to do anything I don't wanna..."

Oh my dear, dear friends. What a silly night this has been.

Let me first start with what's been going on this week. I have been working a lot and two of my dear friends have come over in the evening because they were having rough weeks. We had a few cocktails (Monday night with my nurse/actress/fellow hat maker friend we had blood orange mimosas, Tuesday with my actress friend from Chicago who now also lives here in LA we had Irish cider and beer) and they got out all they needed to vent. It was really nice. I love being able to be there for my amazing friends who are always there for me. Love them!

Also yesterday with the delicious ciders/beers Joe and I made a picnic dinner. We made my own recipe of pasta salad: cooked and drained pasta (your choice), sliced carrots, cucumber cubes, diced onions, capers, sliced olives, chunked mozzarella, robusto italian dressing, a little salsa verde, italian seasoning, fresh cracked pepper, and garlic salt. So tasty! Then we made special turkey framani sandwiches. First pick your favorite bread, spread goat cheese on your 'bottom' slice, place thinly sliced braeburn apples on top of the cheese, place your turkey on top of the apples, lay thinly sliced red onions atop the turkey, then comes some lettuce, then on you 'top' slice of bread spread sun-dried tomato spread or if you're in a pinch some tomato paste. This sandwich is inspired by my fave sandwich at a LA restaurant called The Curious Palate. They use only fresh and local organic ingredients. And their framani turkey sandwich is heaven sent. MMMM!

So to keep in the I'm cooking mood I was going to make a feast for my little math geek whilst he was at school teaching and then at chess club. I borrowed my good friend Kari's jeep, went to the store, and started cooking my feast (after some puppy distractions). I was making the delicious cookies found here My Favorite things, my mom's grape salad recipe, and the pasta a la Marlboro Man from The Pioneer Woman Cooks.

Well I made the cookies to perfection. I was getting everything prepped for the pasta. I started to make the grape salad. I washed and dried the grapes, put softened cream cheese, cool whip, brown sugar, and was starting to blend it up with a stick blender (we don't have a kitchen-aid or hand mixer). Well some cream cheese was stuck under the blade and I stuck my finger to scrape it off and with my other hand was trying to take the motor part off. Well instead my pinky hit the on button and I sliced open my finger. Deep and bloody style. Big time bad. So I applied pressure, called my little PhD Math guy home to help save me, called my nurse friends, and when it stopped bleeding nu-skin-ed the crap out of it. I am avoiding paying the $100 ER visit copay. Needless to say my lil math man had to finish the pasta for me and mix up the rest of the grape salad. It was amazingly delicious but my finger is numb and throbbing. My poor bf had to rush home and he didn't get the feast I promised to make for him.

At least we ate some great food! I'll just have to be careful with my finger the rest of this week. Hope you all are a little more careful than I am when it comes to stick blender blades... ;)

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