Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Puppy Power!!!

So today I am on a mission. And not just one of my usual missions to get a million things done in one day or to not eat all the junk food in my apartment. On a good mission. As the Blues Brothers would say "a mission from god" (whom I don't really believe in so I'll just say a mission of goodwill). My friend Kari and I are driving about an hour away to save a dog from being euthanized for a family who lives in San Diego. So we are saving the life a dog so that he can be loved and given a forever home! I am so happy to be a part of this! And so happy the little guy wont be put down. I hate kill shelters! HATE THEM! So I cannot promise I wont cry a ton or come home wth a little beagle friend myself (they are my favorite breed) BUT I can promise we will save him and that we will take loads of pictures of our rescue mission! Wish us (and our little guy) lots of luck! I love doing things for a great cause, don't you? :)

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  1. What an excellent way to spend some time. Our family of rescue pups thank you!