Thursday, September 6, 2012

"That spell has her good & loopy..."

What a busy week! Joe & I got our marriage license and booked an appointment at the courthouse, I've called a million hotels to get resos for out of town guests, I've looked up flights on priceline, I bought a bouquet & boutineer from Etsy, I have a friend knitting me a gorgeous bolero, I have amazing friends and family showing up to support us, and I have an amazing guy who makes me smile even though I am being crazy with calling a million hotels, people, courthouses and facebooking like crazy and blogging about this.

 I'm excited!

Also, it's making surgery seem more real almost. I am ordering a living will document offline, is that weird? It feels weird but also smart and also scary and also weird. I have another epidural appointment booked for next Thursday, hopefully this one goes better-in the meantime I'm on Tylenol with kodeine and ibuprofen and for super bad days norco. Oh little pills to numb the pain. Better back day today.

I have Fiona Apple tickets at The Greek & I am stoked! Also I see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band in December-HUZZAH!

 Okay, I'm exhausted and the meds have kicked in so I'm a bit loopy, good night! :)


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