Saturday, February 7, 2009

"let's gossip to get our heart rates up..."

Is it wrong to heart Sex & the City so much still, even on re-runs?


it has been a most stressful month and a half or so. So much has been going on. Let's see-my brother is having a baby, my other brother wont speak to my mother, my sister wont speak to me, my boyfriend is depressed about exams for his PhD, my jaw and back are still in constant and ever-switching pain, my aunt and uncle are still so banged up from their car crash, my cousin is stressed for her pregnancy...It's been NUTS! Luckily I have found a second job and there has been minimum drama with that, a little, but pretty minimum. I would just love some fricking time to myself, a little vacation would be much appreciated. And some money in my savings account would be nice since I need to fly home in August for a wedding, September for my niece/nephew's birth, November to be in a wedding, December for Christmas-ish time.


Hope all is well in your worlds.
Take care.

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