Sunday, December 1, 2013

Sunny With A Chance of Birthdays & Baby Showers!

Well today is my 29th birthday, ahhh! This year flew! Flew I tell ya.

Let me back up a tiny bit. Thanksgiving was small this year but so amazing. Our 5th Annual Friendsgiving was delightful and full of food and good friends, old and new. We had a blast. We spent it with my pals from college whose kiddos I babysit for. It was great to be with the 4 of them and to meet 4 of their pals from Vegas. Joe and I made Polish dill mashed potatoes, New Orleans style sweet potatoes, garlic glazed green beans, chestnut stuffing, homemade caesar salad, and pumpkin pie. All vegan of course! Our pals made turkey which Joe loved since it was the first he's had in 4 years since I became vegan. I didn't partake but I certainly filled up on sides! Such a feast! And we watched Frosty Returns 6 times, Frosty 2 times, and Alvin & the Chipmunks Christmas specials 3 times per the kiddos requests. We also watched my Detroit Lions win big. It was great.

Friday I had a cast photo shoot for my upcoming show as my last level in the Second City Hollywood Conservatory. The photo shoot was such a blast and we used my favorite L.A. photog Miss Kate Compton! It was such a blast and I cannot wait to share the photos with everyone and for our show to open January 6, 2014 (7pm at the Second City Studio Theater Hollywood). Please follow our show on Facebook (Me, My Selfie, & I), Instagram (memyselfieeandi), and Twitter (@MeMySelfieeAndI) and come support us! I followed that up with babysitting, to keep myself humble.

Then Saturday we moved a bunch of our stuff from our apartment to a storage unit we got. This is to make room for the ever growing pile of stuff we are receiving for Little Dude. He is going to be here SO SOON! AHHHH! January is so close and he is so big (already about 4lbs. 6oz.). Then I went to rehearsal for the aforementioned show. Then I did a shift interning at Second City Hollywood. Followed that up with making pasta salad for 20 ladies for my baby shower. Then folded about a month's worth of laundry. I didn't go to sleep until 3:30am. Not the wisest decision...

Today I woke up, Joey brought me breakfast in bed, the pups snuggled me-great start to my 29th year! Then I made vegan rice krispie treats, homemade caesar salad, and Joe made buffalo cauliflower whilst I showered and got ready. Then I went to my Birthday Party/Baby Shower. It was so lovely! Loads of food, good friends, well wishes, very thoughtful gifts for little man (and a few for me too), and some major laughs and fun. It was such a lovely afternoon. Then Joe whisked me home where I have been resting with my feet up. A pretty great day  full of loads of calls, texts, messages, etc. for me and my little dude. I am so grateful for all the love being showered on us.

Next up for us is putting up our Christmas tree & decorations! I love this season. I can't wait to curl up in pjs and watch feel good holiday movies and snuggle with my pups (and Joe if I can beg him hard enough). And sooner than later Little Man makes his big entrance! I can't wait to meet him and snuggle him up too. Yay for this season! :D

Take care dear Chickens!


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