Monday, November 18, 2013

Partly Sunny With A Chance of Products!

I thought I would weigh in on some of the products I am loving in the midst of my pregnancy. SO here we go:

1) Anything Acure brand. I've used their shampoos and conditioners, their facial cleanser & creme, their brightening facial scrub, their radical resurfacing lotion and day cream, their toner, their argan oil, and their line eraser and eye cream for a long while now. BUT I recently have fallen head over heels for their body lotions. These suckers are so moisture packed (great for a dry skin and for pregnancy issues like stretch marks and itchy boobs) and are thicker without being heavy. They're amazing! I've tried all 4 and I love them all. Currently I'm using the mandarin orange scented one and it wakes me up in the AM and smells so fresh. Ladies (pregnant or not) try Acure Organics brand anything, I dare you not to fall in love with it. Acure Organics

2) Earth Mama Angel Baby brand Nipple Butter. This stuff is AMAZING. Not just for your nips but for cuticles and dry areas like elbows and knees. Smells delicious too, sort of chocolatey. Nipple Butter

3) Mother's Blend Oil. So frigging delicious smelling, like chocolate almonds. It is sheer and not heavy as some oils can be. It is super moisturizing. I love it! Mother's Special Blend

4) Oh Baby! by Motherhood brand pants from Kohl's. I was having major issues finding pants long enough to fit me being 6' tall. Most maternity pants looked like capris on me. This brand though-thank goodness for them! My pants fit my growing belly and are long enough to cover my entire leg. Huzzah. I also got a few cute tops from them too. All were affordable and super comfy so good work Kohl's for helping us tall pregnant gals out! Oh Baby! by Motherhood

5) Liz Lange maternity tops from Target. They're long, again I'm tall y'all. I need long clothes. Apparently most pregnant women aren't as tall as me so everything is WAY too short on me. Liz though, she makes some long tops for me, they cover and hit where a shirt should and have room for my growing bump. Thanks Liz! Liz Lange tops

6) La Leche sports bra for nursing. No under wire, size 36G for my giant boobs, ultra comfy, surprisingly supportive. I am in love with this new purchase from Fantabulous! La Leche Blue Bra

7) Traditional Medicinals' Organic Pregnancy Tea. It's tasty, caffeine free, and supports healthy pregnancies. Good work. Tea Time!

8) TOMS shoes. As my feet swell with edema and look like flat boards with sausage links attached as toes I am loving my TOMS more and more. They accommodate my large tootsies, are comfy, are vegan, and have stretched with me. My feet and sausage toes thank you TOMS. Vegan TOMS

So that is it for now in the products I love for pregnancy. Try them out, most are great pregnant or not! :D


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