Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sunny With A Chance of Pups!

I feel like poor Colonel Mustard and Zebbie have been neglected on the blog. Not at home that's for sure. Just wanted to update you all on the other little dudes in my life (other than the one in my womb). So here's what our pups have been up to:

-sleeping all the time
-cuddling mama's big new tummy
-wrestling like fiends on top of mom's new tummy whilst she tries to sleep
-being ridiculously cute all the time
-trying to eat any new stuffed toy that comes for the baby
-smelling all of the baby's new stuff/clothes/etc. to make sure it's a-okay
-getting spoiled by mom with new toys
-barking at dogs outside the apartment window
-sleeping next to mom at night rather than dad because she is now a warmer temperature than him (very opposite of usual)
-pooping and peeing in the house yesterday. Not their faults but boy did they feel bad, poor little dudes
-getting loads of cuddles, pets, kisses, scratches, and I love yous as we prepare to rock their world with the new baby brother in January.

So that's their super tough life as of late. Rough, right? I wish I had easy days like those two do!


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