Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Sunny With A Chance of Winter Love!

I love winter, love it! I love snow, icicles, cold noses, mittens, warm scarves and hats, snuggling in blankets, fires in fireplaces, holiday feel good movies, hot tea in giant mugs, warm dinners like stew or soup or jambalaya, warm cider, fake nog (a.k.a. vegan egg nog), and so much more. I just wish we had all of those things here in L.A.-it's a little too warm to be real winter to me. I need snow. Lately it's felt like a nice fall day here but nothing to get winter excited about. Le Sigh. But we put up our tree and wreath and stockings and our little apartment just feels so festive and cozy!

We're not traveling back to MI this year for the holidays as I am in my 8th month of pregnancy and am not allowed to. We were a bit bummed not to see our families but now we're getting excited to stay at home in our PJs all day, watching movies, and just keeping it low key. It's going to be a very nice Christmas and a very nice New Year. We're desperately wanting to go watch our MSU Spartans in the Rose Bowl but we don't have $1000 for the tickets so we may just watch them play on t.v. We might try to go to the parade though!

Our little man is coming so soon so we are trying to get as prepared as possible for him. All of the clothes and blankets we've received have been washed and put into his little dresser, we've picked out his crib and my folks are getting that for him, we're putting loads of our extra stuff into storage so we have room for our little guy, and we're looking for a nice glider/rocker that we love so we can sit and rock our little man to sleep. We're excited he is almost here! Only one more month-so crazy! This has been quite the journey for us. Some major downs and some really great ups, we're just so happy he's almost here. I can definitely use a break from all the kicking and punching that seems to be happening 24/7 and a working bladder would be great. This almost peeing my pants every 2 minutes is trying my patience. All in all though I'm so glad that I've had this experience and I'm so, so, so excited to meet Little Dude!

Also coming in January is my show's opening. This is the capstone to my Conservatory program at the Second City Hollywood Training Center. My classmates and I have improvised all the material, re-improvised all the material, scripted it into sketches, edited the crap out of those scripted sketches, and are now putting together our final show. I am very excited for its debut on January 6, 2014 at 7PM! If you're in Los Angeles please come see and support us! Here are our cast pictures from our photo shoot, look how weird we all are:

You can purchase tickets to the show on or at sure to click on the Second City HOLLYWOOD venue! Cannot wait for January 2014-big, big, BIG things are happening for me! A show opening, little man arriving, and I am sure so much more!

Hope your December is going amazingly so far-it is the very best month dearest chickens!


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