Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sunny With a Chance of Mac & Cheese (vegan of course)

What a week it has been chickens!!!

So last Friday I got some bad news about owing a bunch of taxes, it looks like since I worked out of 10 locations not enough taxes were pulled. I got pretty bent out of shape about it. As Miss Holly Golightly puts it I had a case of the mean-reds. So I drank about it. A bottle of framboise and a large Jack Daniels & sweet tea. Now I am Irish-Polish-Cherokee so this gave me a buzz but wasn't anything dire. Sometimes a gal just has the mean-reds and really must follow in true "Breakfast at Tiffany's" style and have a drink with sunglasses about it.

Saturday I slept in until noon-thirty and camped out in my pjs watching Turner Classic Movies and snuggling with my pup. At 4 we got cleaned up & went to a Vegan Event at the Surly Goat here in West Hollywood with our friends from Dog is God in Reverse. Vegan Cupcakes (from C'est La V bakery) & beer from local micro-breweries. The cupcakes & beer were delightful! The lack of knowledge on the bar-tender & bar manager's part about which beers were vegan and which were not was disheartening (it WAS a vegan event planned 2 weeks in advance). Overall we had a blast. Then we went to Kari & Ian's place for dinner (they all had chicken :( wah wah) while I had AMAZING vegan Chickpea & Sausage Jambalaya [courtesy of the vegan dad!]. Great night.

Sunday was a day spent writing my synopsis & character analysis for my screenplay. I made delicios Lemony Artichoke Dip from "Clean Food" & vegan rice krispie treats. Then off to my writing group that I started with my good friend Dionna where we had a great & very inspiring first meeting. I am so excited to keep working on this project and hopefully make it a film!

Monday I booked and audition.

Tuesday I ROCKED my audition and got an email from Turner Classic Movies about a fan-story I submitted to them. They asked when I had time to talk more classic film with them (which I said ANYTIME-of course!) so hopefully you will see me on the TCM soon! :D I am so giddy I could burst-I am coming for you Robert Osborn, you know you need a fiery red-head to liven things up a bit!!!

I just feel like things are really starting to pick up acting & film wise. My edited headshots are coming this weekend (cannot wait!), the audition was really well responded to, my screenplay is making it to the page, and TCM (MY DREAM JOB if I don't make it as an actor)! I think the taxes was the last little down before my rise to the top :D

Tonight for our late night dinner Joe & I made a recipe from "Veganize This!" (best book!) to satisfy my "vegan munchies"-listen to this goodness: Morel Mushroom & Bacon White Macaroni & Cheese. I'll do a post of the recipe complete with pics but oh man is my tummy so happy tonight! AND only 386 calories per bowl-not bad for mac & cheese friends, not bad at all!

Well chickens, I hope you've had an amazing week-I will post some pictures soon-I haven't had time to upload them but I am getting on that! Have a great weekend loves!!


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