Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Sunny & HOT With a Chance of Vegan Scallops & Linguine!

Hello Chickens!

So as promised here are my pictures:

Chipotle Lentil Burger, my Made In Detroit shirt, Vegan Po'boys & slaw, snuggle buddies, another Made In Detroit shirt, beer & Cupcakes, Natalie & Thoa's birthdays, Vegan Morel Mushroom & Bac'uns White Macaroni & Cheese Colonel Mustard eating a poster package I received in the mail, Vegan Rice Krispies, and more Mac 'n Cheese. AMAZING!!!

Tonight from the Veganize This! cookbook by Jen Shagrin we made her Vegan Scallops with a White Wine Cream Sauce Over Linguine-BLEW MY MIND! SO amazingly delicious-buy her book, do it, you will not regret. So flavorful and a huge diversity of recipes. It's rocking my world (& taste buds).

On the audition front I got a call back for the play I went out for, now just waiting to hear back. Also scheduling with the TCM producer when I can get on camera for my interview-EEEEE!!!!! Also I will be doing an infomercial for skin cream ($200 plus free product) as a favor to a friend whose job is to facilitate a buh-jillion infomercials. It should be pretty fun. Just getting my face out there :)

Hope all is well in your worlds! Colonel Mustard is snoozing on my shoulder but just perked up to tell me it's time to go O-U-T, so farewell. Night Chickens!


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