Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Foggy With a Chance of Classic Movies & Pasta!

My friends! How I have missed you-so many busy things going on!!

So here's the haps on what's been up my chickens:

1) I have re-affirmed my love for cooking & have been cooking up a storm. I made vegan rice krispie treats this weekend that EVERYONE could not stop eating. There were brats & coleslaw & pulled pork sandwiches, and all VEGAN! Yum yum yum!

2) I am losing weight (2-3lbs. a week is the goal) by eating even better vegan dishes-I am in love with The Vegan Table, Veganize This, & Appetite for Reduction!

3) I have chosen my fave headshots & have sent them to the photographer to see what editing wonders he can magic up for me :)

4) I am starting a writing group with a dear friend so I can FINALLY crank out my 2 scripts ( a movie about the wedding from hell I was in & a tv show about my wacky family), I could not be more excited to be really working on these. I've only been talking about them for around 2 years! It just feels nice to be working on these and have people to discuss them with.

5) The bf & I are on a strict budget-we're eliminating a few things-i.e. the cable (NO MORE TCM-BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!), acupuncture for my back only once a month instead of once a week, cutting out going out for dinner/drinks/ordering lunch to once a month, just really keeping things tight. But I think that will make going out on our date night a little more special! :)

6)Coming home from work tonight I got an amazing surprise-Joe tidied up the house so I didn't have to tonight-it was such a nice thing to come home to. He let me know he was thinking of me & that he thought I deserved a night off from cleaning up the house! How sweet of him, huh?! He's the best guy a gal could ask for!!

7) With my night off from cleaning I made the following:

Vegan Puttanesca-ish Pasta:

-pasta-boil & set aside
-onions & garlic sauteed in olive oil
-plum tomatoes crushed by hand, add to onions & garlic
-black olive slices, add to pot
-shredded carrots, add to pot
-shredded green cabbage
-capers, add to pot
-dried parsley, oregano, & basil, add to pot
-red pepper flakes, add to pot
-black pepper & salt, add to pot
-bac'uns, add to pot
-mix sauce ingredients, then toss in pasta, top with vegan paresan


8) I watched Meet the People (starring Lucille Ball & Dick Powell), Cover Girl (Rita Hayworth & Gene Kelly), and Du Barry Was a Lady (Lucy again, Gene Kelly, & Red Skelton)-they were all silly and very musical-ish of the time, I of course loved them. So cute and kitsch-y and full of power house actors! Fantastique!

9) I'm going to the following and you should to, it's beer & cupcakes!!!

10) Goodnight chickens!!!!!!! Hope you're well and life is good. xoxox

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