Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sunny With a Chance of Paczki!

I hope you all had amazing Mardi Gras/Paczki Days! Mine was amazing! Joe and I ate our left-over jambalaya for lunch and made vegan paczki! They were AMAZING & so delicious & everyone we shared with loved them too! It was really a great day-I dressed up, ate some delicious vegan Polish pastry, had drinks with friends, it was great! :D

The next few days were horrible-stress and a not so nice lady in my life made it a crap Weds-Fri. Then I came home Friday at 5, fell asleep for 4 hours and then when bedtime came couldn't fall asleep until 4:30am! Then I woke up at 7:30am this morning to drop Joe off for his ride to a San Diego Math Conference. Then couldn't fall asleep again-off to my usual Saturday appointments and then took a little trip to the new Cafe Gratitude here in LA. It's an all vegan restaurant and the food was amazing! The message is even more amazing! According to my lunch 'I am cool', 'I am dazzling', 'I am magical', and 'I am grounded'. They were all SO delicious! 'I am cool' was a Mint Chip milkshake, 'I am dazzling' was a caesar salad with avocado, capers, and brazilian nut parmesan, 'I am magical' was a veggie burger with all the fixin's (came with a side salad), and 'I am grounded' was roasted red potatoes with garlic & olive oil, spicy cashew nacho cheese, and pink sea salt. It was an amazingly decadent (and huge) lunch! So delicious. I love their plates (they say "what are you grateful for?") and all their recipe and other inspiring books. And as I said the food was delightful! I left feeling inspired, fulfilled, grateful, and full! :D

I have now spent my day watching movies and snuggling/napping with the pup and breaking for a few nice sunshine filled walks. It has been delicious. And a need repose from the tough end of the week. Colonel didn't seem to mind too much either! Hope you chickens are having a lovely weekend too! xoxox

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