Sunday, March 20, 2011

Rainy With a Chance of Vegan Shamrock Shakes...

Friends it is pouring here in LA! But I will not let that bring us down. :)

So this week was St. Paddy's-as part of my Irish heritage I have to say this day means a lot to me. Yes it is about St. Patrick converting the pagans to Christians but for me it is about celebrating my Irish heritage. Remembering all day Eire and its history. Joe and I had a blast-I took the day off of work. We went downtown at noon and enjoyed a free concert in Pershing Square featuring bag pipers & The Young Dubliners. We walked around downtown and had a delicious lunch at Mendocino Farms. We scooted home and had a snuggle and nap with Colonel Mustard. Had some thai for dinner and went out to Molly Malone's Irish Pub to meet up with friends. I had a total of 4 drinks all day/night-tame for most Americans on this day-but I had the best day. Spent time celebrating being Irish and spent loads of time with those I love. Best day!

The rest of this week has been full of work and appointments. But headshots are NEXT SUNDAY!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!! Planning has commenced-I'm thinking 'young mom', 'sultry', 'young professional, and then the traditional commercial and theatrical shots. I need to buy a new button up & slacks and a "mom-ish" sweater but other than that I think I have the perfect outfits for the shoot. I'm just super excited! I cannot wait! My friends are super helping me out by cutting me a deal on the shoot and the make-up for the shoot (I love having such talented professionals as friends) so that helps out a lot since I am so uber broke right now. I will post the photos as soon as I have them! :D

Oh, by the by, if you didn't catch Pee-wee Herman on Broadway on HBO-you should. It was so fun and nostalgic (even some new references and tongue & cheek about Paul Rubens' "abstinence" problems). I watched with Joe and we kept giggling. And he made me a VEGAN SHAMROCK SHAKE! AMAZING!!!

Hope you all had great weeks/weekends too chickens! xoxox

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