Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunny With a Chance of Vegan Jambalaya!!!

So the most delicious dish was consumed today-vegan jambalaya! Vegan Dad's blog to the rescue for my Mardi Gras cravings! So so so tasty and just what the tummy ordered-check his blog and eat this scrumptious dish!

In that same spirit of Mardi Gras I am trying to veganize paczki! My big experiment will take place tomorrow and I will let you know the results. If I can get my fave polish treat to be vegan and delicious I think I will become this year's Polish Vegan Queen of Mardi Gras!! :D

Also went to the most random event ever today. I won 4 tickets from a classic rock station here in LA to go to LA Cosplay-it was a charity event for a Japanese theatre here in LA so they had voice over actors (voice of Spongebob guy, voice of Bubbles from PowerPuff Girls lady, voice of Animaniacs characters, etc.) judge a costume contest of kiddies & teens dressed up as anime characters sing Japanese pop songs (J-Pop) or anime theme songs or interpretive dance. It was the most random hilarious thing I've ever gone to. We laughed the whole time. How a classic rock station got tickets to this thing and how I won them are just amazing to me. So funny. The kids were super cute though-just definitely not my kinda thing. Overall a hilarious and weird experience that I would recommend! :)

Hope your week goes well chickens & that you don't catch the plague that has re-surfaced in my life! :) x's & o's

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