Saturday, April 24, 2010

"When you open up your mouth to speak, could you be a little weak?"

This Madonna song is seriously describing some stuff going on in my life. To the T.

Anyway...interview tomorrow to be an acting instructor for kids! EXCITING! One next week for the front desk of a high up salon. Hopefully a new job is on the horizon! :D

It has been pretty stressful lately. Office job is stressful as we are a bar, it's a recession, we're breaking even, we owe a bunch of back taxes, and we're in a dispute with our landlord so it is A LOT to deal with. Other job is obviously stressful due to all this crap previously blogged about. Plus now searching for a new job and auditioning. It's just a lot. So I've been a bit hermit-ish. From the stress and from the ick I've been feeling from what was said to me. So not much hanging out BUT here are the pics from the hockey game 2 weekends ago and some pics from around here in LA for you to enjoy.

This weekend is busy with work, my interview and 2 friends' birthday parties. So expect more pics (eventually-been a bit slow on the up-take lately) and some stories of debauchery. Oh and Tuesday I won at beer bingo! It was AMAZING. Love Little Bar on La Brea and 8th. Loads of fun in an hour. Delightful :D

Have a great weekend and we'll chat again soon!

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