Saturday, April 17, 2010

"I can't stop the rain on my window..."

So my dears, I have been busy. Busy working, trying to find a new job, watching tons on movies on my DVR, walking the pups from My Life with Dogs, staying at home like a hermit, and seeing my physical therapist, acupuncturist, and new counselor (whom I'm seeing about this whole work situation and how I feel from it). Busy huh? Hopefully though all of this busy time will lead up to a big vacation somewhere in my future :D Let's hope.

Okay so I'm back on my whole I NEED to rescue a dog ASAP kick. I have been slightly soothing that need with spending all that walk time with the three pups but some of my other friends are rescuing puppies and I just really REALLY want to rescue our own pup. We just have to save up more money. We're just a little tight after tax season, aren't we all? Hopefully in the near future though! My own little puppy to love and snuggle-soon Soon SOON, I'll just keep sending that out into the universe :D

Well take care all and hopefuly some more exciting news will be coming. I will post some amazing pics from this past weekend at the LA Kings game with Kari and her DH from My Life with Dogs too. We had a blast so be on the look-out for those :D