Sunday, April 25, 2010

Walking the Pups...

Joe and I took the pups from Kari's blog for a long, long walk the other day. It was sunny and delightful! We love these pups for sure :D

The little blue building was on our walk and I thought it was SUPER cute. And the flower was on our way home-too precious! And the pic of Big Carl in the grass made me laugh-first because he is so small and the grass was so tall he was like a little lion stalking prey. Second because he HATES walking in the grass unless he is going to go to the bathroom on it, seriously, and I made him for the pic. He was not happy but it's such a cute shot. The poor pups were very tuckered out after the walk (which is why there are so many sleeping puppy pics). Good walk for sure! :D

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