Friday, April 30, 2010

"You were saying you don't know squat..."

So my friends it has been an interesting week. I was sick over the weekend and then Monday went to a taping of The Bonnie Hunt show with Kari's mother-in-law. It was a blast. They gave us Mug Rootbeer and hotdogs, Bonnie shook the entire audience's hands, and the guest were pretty funny and fun. And Carol (the MIL) is such a fun, super sweet lady. And she's a talker, a gal after my own heart if you will. We went to dinner afterward at The Village Idiot.

And Tuesday we all bummed around Hollywood Blvd. with "Flat Stanley". Whom I made little construction paper clothes for. The pictures they take of him get sent to Carol's niece in Chicago in 2nd grade. It was silly and fun. And we went to Mel's Diner (which is where they filmed "American Graffiti") and their banana split is TO DIE FOR! So tasty!

I've also a had a few interviews. It has been pretty busy around here, that's for sure. Hopefully all will start looking up soon! :D

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

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