Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Adventures in Dog Sitting!!

Finally, eh? So here is what we did on our week of puppy-sitting...

Well we kept up with our exercise plan, 3 walks a day at least! And the pups always (and sometimes me) took naps after.

Tuesday on our walk there were fire trucks across the street! Baily and Mesa wanted to go play with them but we decided that might not be the best idea.

There was lots of wrestling.

A little work at the office.

Some bone chewing.

And of course, loads of snuggles and silliness!

So it was a great week! It was hard to go home on Sunday night and we definitely missed the snuggles in bed that night too.

We went over yesterday to watch Seinfeld and eat breakfast for dinner with Kari's DH and the most hilarious thing happened. Big Carl is hilariously weird to say the least but this took the cake. He disappeared (to the bathroom we discovered after this whole episode) and all of a sudden we heard this high pitched squealing of pain coming from him like he was dying. He started to run around the apartment in circles with something hanging off his haunches. For a minute we thought he was being bitten by something. My boyfriend Joe managed to pick him up and it turns out he had a poop hanging off his butt. We all fell to pieces laughing. Kari's DH said it's what he gets for pooping in the house. It was the silliest thing. We were all scared that he was hurt or being hurt and it turned out it was poop! Too perfect.

Hope you all had a good week. :D


  1. Dog sitting looks like a total blast!

    P.S., all we can say to big Carl is . . . poop happens.